Living With Cancer

In case you are new to my blog, I have documented my journey with Cancer. These post were written in the midst of my diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. I believe in a higher power and I have no idea why I was challenged with this load. My most obvious thought, is He felt I could handle it. I hope my post can help you, but I pray you never need this help.

D-Day {Diagnosis Day}
Instant Gratification ?
The Wait is OVER
Meet My Lymphoma
Prep Work: Day 1
Prep Work: Day 2
PET Scan Photos
Prep Work: The Last Step
Would You?
The Day Before
Staging Results and Treatment Plan
Red Hair and A Huge Pump
Chemotherapy Round 1: Day 1
Chemotherapy Round 1: Day 2
Chemotherapy Round 1: Day 4
Chemotherapy Round 1: Day 5
A New Concern??
Hanging Tough
Some Photos
Another Complication
Blood Counts and PIC Lines
Ready, Set, GO
Chemotheray Round 1: Dose 2
Hair Loss
Chemotherapy Round 1: Dose 2 Day 2
A Third
Customer Care
Support Systems
September Photos
Small Success
Looking Good, Feeling Better and Half There
Not A Great Day
Life Lessons
Not Quite Right
A Busy Saturday
The Third Quarter
The Day After
All Nighter
What A Weekend
A Major Blessing: Shared Leave
A Random Thought
Everyday Things
My Unfinished Life
The Day After Chemo
Highs and Lows of Wednesday and Thursday
Indigestion and Other Thoughts
Happy Halloween
The End is Here
A Surprising End
Graduation Day
Very Sick!
On The Mend
Test: Done
Test Results: The Wait Is Almost Over
Test Results Are In
The Next Step: Radiation
The Scariest Moment!
Zap Zap Zap
Sadness and Fear
3 Down....14 More To Go
Sadness and Joy
Early Menopause
Radiation and Macrobiotics
Soft Foods Only, Please
Day 11 of Radiation
Another Milestone: DONE
I Am Blessed
The End Is Near
The End
My Daily Dose of Stupidity and My One Month Check-Up
Pravana Bio Jen 9
Check-up In Cancer World
My Hair Growth Journey
Six Months Post Chemo
One Year Anniversary

A Little Hope
One Year Anniversary
It Comes Out of Nowhere
We All Have It In Us
It Had To Go
Just A Little Bump
Maybe Now I Know
Weight Watcher Update