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Living With Cancer

In case you are new to my blog, I have documented my journey with Cancer. These post were written in the midst of my diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. I believe in a higher power and I have no idea why I was challenged with this load. My most obvious thought, is He felt I could handle it. I hope my post can help you, but I pray you never need this help.

D-Day {Diagnosis Day}
Instant Gratification ?
The Wait is OVER
Meet My Lymphoma
Prep Work: Day 1
Prep Work: Day 2
PET Scan Photos
Prep Work: The Last Step
Would You?
The Day Before
Staging Results and Treatment Plan
Red Hair and A Huge Pump
Chemotherapy Round 1: Day 1
Chemotherapy Round 1: Day 2
Chemotherapy Round 1: Day 4
Chemotherapy Round 1: Day 5
A New Concern??
Hanging Tough
Some Photos
Another Complication
Blood Counts and PIC Lines
Ready, Set, GO
Chemotheray Round 1: Dose 2
Hair Loss
Chemotherapy Round 1: Dose 2 Day 2
A Third
Customer Care
Support Systems
September Photos
Small Success
Looking Good, Feeling Better and Half There
Not A Great Day
Life Lessons
Not Quite Right
A Busy Saturday
The Third Quarter
The Day After
All Nighter
What A Weekend
A Major Blessing: Shared Leave
A Random Thought
Everyday Things
My Unfinished Life
The Day After Chemo
Highs and Lows of Wednesday and Thursday
Indigestion and Other Thoughts
Happy Halloween
The End is Here
A Surprising End
Graduation Day
Very Sick!
On The Mend
Test: Done
Test Results: The Wait Is Almost Over
Test Results Are In
The Next Step: Radiation
The Scariest Moment!
Zap Zap Zap
Sadness and Fear
3 Down....14 More To Go
Sadness and Joy
Early Menopause
Radiation and Macrobiotics
Soft Foods Only, Please
Day 11 of Radiation
Another Milestone: DONE
I Am Blessed
The End Is Near
The End
My Daily Dose of Stupidity and My One Month Check-Up
Pravana Bio Jen 9
Check-up In Cancer World
My Hair Growth Journey
Six Months Post Chemo
One Year Anniversary

A Little Hope
One Year Anniversary
It Comes Out of Nowhere
We All Have It In Us
It Had To Go
Just A Little Bump
Maybe Now I Know
Weight Watcher Update

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My Weekend Project: A PVC Camping Lamp Post and Flag Holder

I have seen a few of these around campsites and I knew I would like to have one. The only problem that I had is The Husband.

He already thinks we drag too much stuff with us when we go camping and if I had told him my desire to have a PVC Camping Light Pole he would have shut it down quickly!

So, that leaves a girl with only one choice: Figure out how to do it by herself.

I did some internet searching and found a few road maps on RV forums. They seemed easy enough!

I visited the local hardware store for the supplies:

An exterior post lantern light2 inch PVC pipe (I used 5 feet but had to purchase a 10 foot piece)A 3 inch toilet flangeA 3 inch to 2 inch ReducerPVC GlueA 12 foot electric cord kit2 - 3/4 inch PVC Caps I also used a few supplies we already had on hand:

White Spray Paint

3 1/2 foot - 3/4 inch PVC PipeDrill Bits (1 inch and 1/2 inch)Tent Stakes

The first step was preparing the lantern light. I could only find black in the store and I knew I wanted all white. I covered the gla…

Camping Activity: Wood Chip Necklaces

My worry in taking a wide range of kids camping is that the younger kids would be happy just playing together but the older ones, the one's in that awkward pre-teen/teen age, would think everything was so uncool they would just sit around and mope. So I designed a few activities that would hopefully get them up, participating, and moving.

 I came home from work a few weeks before the Family Camp-out and found my neighbors had trimmed their tree limbs and piled the mess in my yard. I refrained from getting angry. Over a nice dinner, I asked The Husband to help me with a little project.

He looked at me in disgust. I was pulling him away from ESPN to help with an unnecessary camping craft.

 I admit I did some begging. In the end, The Husband borrowed his father's chainsaw and decided to help me cut medallions out of a limb.  His mood started changing, quickly.{I then begged him to let me try my hand at the chainsaw, but he would not let budge on that one. I had to settle for hol…

Hand Made Gifts: Tutu Ornaments

My  Short Chic is turning into a little dancer. To thank the dance teachers for their help, we decided to make them a little gift for Christmas. A tutu ornament.

Supplies needed:

Tulle. I selected black, white and hot pink. The pink and white both have glitter {I have been walking around for the past four days with glitter all over me!}. Glass Ornaments that coordinate with your tulle. Some kind of string {I used stretch magic}. And some super glue.

Step 1: Cut  the tulle. 

I learned, from trial and error, that my cell phone was roughly the right size. So, I used it as a template for cutting the tulle.  
Step 2: Tie the tulle to the string.

Using a simple slip knot, tie the tulle onto the string {or Stretch Magic}. I think I used about 40 loops per ornament.
Step 3:  Adhere it to the Ornament.
I do not have a photo of this step. But simply, you take some super glue and glue the tutu ring to the ornament. 
FINISHED!  Once the glue is dried, you are finished. {Well except the wrapping!} I …