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My First Pillowcase Dress

Cinderella is playing at our outdoor theatre. I got tickets for The Short Chic and I to go to Sunday's performance.  When The Short Chic threatened to wear her hot and frayed Cinderella costume to the performance, I knew I had to come up with a better option.  Just so you can see...This is The Short Chic dressed up like Cinderella. She obviously puts a lot of time and effort into playing this role. I decided to make a pillowcase dress. My friend Meeghan made one for her daughter not too long ago and it turned out to be such a cute dress! I used a tutorial from  Viola & Pearl  and found out not only does the dress look cute, it is so simple to make that even a novice sewer like myself can whip it out in no time. So, I am not going to provide you with a tutorial because Viola & Peal really do a great job. But I am going to show you the finished product! I sewed the Cinderella applique on by machine. It was a bit tricky but not hard.   In the end, she loves it and promi

A Family Ritual

"You melt my heart!" It's a line from the movie,   Hope Floats.  The Boy and I have been saying it to each other since the movie first came out. He was much shorter back then. In fact, he was only about 2 years old when I first saw that movie. Then along came this guy and he really melted my heart! But of course, he does not say it back. Too mushy for him. He just rolls his eyes. And smiles. Or winks. It's okay, I know I melt his heart too! When The Short Chic came along, we started telling her, "You melt my heart." I expected her to repeat it when she learned to talk. But she did not. As with everything, she has her own way of doing things. Here is how it goes now.... Mommy: "You Melt My Heart!" The Short Chic: "You melt my fish!" Mommy: "What does that mean?" The Short Chic giggling: "I have no idea!" This morning The Short Chic randomly told me that I melted her fish. It melted my heart! If

A Cup of Cake

Kids love cake! I love cake! Who doesn't like cake? The Boy likes cake but does not like frosting (weirdo!) The glorious thing about this recipe is that you can have your cake any way you like it and it is the perfect size that you do not feel guilty about having some cake. A girlfriend of mine told me about this super easy cake recipe. It was so easy and yummy I wanted to share it! As with any recipe, you start by gathering up your needed supplies. This is easy. Three things. You want to start with a simple, one step Angel Food Cake Mix from a box. Second you need a second cake mix. Any flavor will work. I had a simple white cake on hand so I used it. Third, and last, you need a large air tight container. The next step is to mix the two cake mixes together. I used a large mixing bowl and a wooden spoon. Next you take 1/4 of cup of the mixture and add 3 tablespoons of water to it in a coffee cup. Mix it up well. Microwave it for 1 minute. Easy enough that your you

A Simplier Life

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I visited Amish Country with a group of family and a friend yesterday. Jamesport, MO lies about one hour and fifteen minutes north and east from Kansas City, MO. My grad school friend, Melissa, and I met my cousins (Wendy, Kevin, and Tammy), my aunt and uncle (Donna and Wayne) and my Momma there at 8:15. Despite our 8:00-8:15 meeting time, My Momma got there at 7:30 a.m. As Melissa and I are driving and chatting and excitedly talking about the Amish life, My Momma called me 13 times!!  THIRTEEN! As I tried to call her back, she was calling me for the fourteenth time in a near panic. Mom: "We have a problem" Me: "What is the problem" Mom: "H & M is closed." Me: "What do you mean they are closed?" Mom: "There are signs on the door that say they are closed. I will bet they are related to some Amish that were killed back East and they have closed up to go to their funeral. I already called ev

Sneak Peek!

I got up early this morning to go on a girls trip to Amish County here in Missouri. I am not sure it is fair to call it a girls trip, there were two men there. But for sure the women out numbered the men. So, a girls trip it was. More later on our trip. But I had to show you all a sneak peek to my daughter's fourth birthday party. It is too cute not to share.  You will be seeing lots more exciting things to come over the next several months. Her birthday is not until March. (don't judge me for starting early!) Found this today at an antique store. Super cute! Want to guess the theme of the party? More later!

What's For Dinner?

Somewhere between working, getting our rental house ready for showings, and gymnastics I realize we must eat dinner. On nights like this, when we meet ourselves coming and going, I honestly rely upon semi prepared foods. Tonights menu: "Homemade Pizza". I use quotation marks because homemade is really a stretch. Maybe easily prepared is a better term? In addition to being rushed for time, I am also trying to use up food stored in my house. So the goal of this week's menu is to use what is on hand and purchase very little. On hand in my fridge is a bottle of opened Alfredo sauce. It was the inspiration for my pizza tonight. Other things I had on hand; Parmesan cheese, Italian Blend cheese, chicken strips, green onions, pizza dough, and pre-cooked bacon. I purchased from the store fresh spinach ( I am sure you could use frozen but since it is summer and spinach is fresh, why substitute for the frozen kind). I made a Chicken Spinach Alfredo pizza. I rolled out my pizza

Who Am I?

One of the blogs I follow, Sassy Sites  is having a "HeLLo FRieNd ParTy!" to introduce people who have been blogging less than a year to the bloggy world. Originally they said six months or less and I was a bit sad. I have been blogging for 11 months! But since they changed it to one year, I am linking up! Sassy Sites has asked that we answer a few questions about ourselves for the link up. Here we go! Why did you decide to start blogging? I was given a world rocking diagnosis about one year ago. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (CANCER!). On my diagnosis day, I just sat down and started blogging. I had a lot of thoughts running through my head and needed a place for them to go. I had to figure out how do I process this diagnosis. How do I fight Cancer. OMG,  what about my kids and my family! What does life look like with the diagnosis and afterwards. Before my d-day, I never really followed a blog. Never read them. Now I am absolutely addicted! When you

I Don't Want To Be A Grown-Up

It is summer time. It is sunny and hot. A great day to play in the sun and even take a dip in the swimming pool.  The Short Chic is spending her day playing hopscotch. I drew it out for her this morning on her Nana's driveway. (If you look closely, you will see she put her skorts on backwards; because she likes it that way!) I am spending my day here. With the windows closed. No hopscotch for me. Instead, I am developing a new training. I wonder if anyone would notice if my skorts were on backwards? Just kidding! Skorts are not allowed per the company dress code.

We Did It!!

The Hawks won the USSSA "A" World Series 14 and Under Championship yesterday. I love the look on the pitchers face. It says it all. "WE DID IT!" 2011 Hawks World Series Baseball Team. Our victory was truly a team victory. This team worked so well together. Everyone contributed to this win. The Coaching staff getting showered with affection...or is that water? The only bittersweet moment in the tournament is that The Boy was not at the championship game. He is on vacation with his father and missed it. Here is his trophy along side the team trophy. I can't wait to give it to him when he gets back home next week.

This is How We Do It!

How do we do it? We do it one game at a time. We started playing baseball Thursday night in the USSSA World Series. The structure of the tournament is  three games in pool play, seed and play single elimination tournament.  Our first game was against the Spartans from Lincoln, Nebraska. We won that first game but not without a cost. One of our players broke his fibula while sliding into home. While he was safe at home, he unfortunately is out of the tournament. Sometimes, this is how we do it. Friday, we played a double header. It is scorching hot here and of course the organizers want the little kids to play early. So, the big boys take the field during the hottest time of the day; 2-6. What does a team do when they have to play in that heat; they drink lots of water, put cold wet towels over your head when you can, and play ball! Our second game was with the L O U D E S T team we have ever encountered, The PC Thunder from Ponca City, Oklahoma. And trust me, we have played

Wanna Trade?

Our weekend is going to busy with ....BASEBALL! For the last time this summer our boys are playing in a tournament this weekend.  But this is no regular tournament. This is the World Series. One of the most exciting things besides winning at a World Series is trading pins. A lot of work goes into the pins. You start with one of your pins. Find a team who has a pin. And trade. That simple. It does not matter how old you. There are several age groups in the Series. The fun part is meeting as many players as you can. So, if you happen to see us this weekend, ask us to trade. After all, we have a collection going. We actually start playing baseball tomorrow night at 6:00. I am hoping we survive the heat. And the gate prices!

A Whole New World!

I got glasses in the second grade. It is one of my most vivid memories of grade school. We lived in Urbana, Missouri and my Momma and I went to Springfield. I do not believe it was just the two of us, I recall other people, but do not recall them specifically. We went to Pearl Vision Center in the mall.  What stands out the most is the drive home. For the first time ever, I saw road signs, billboards, speed limit signs and the scenery! I had no idea how badly I could not see until I could see. I wore glasses from second grade, seven years old, until I was 16 years old. I remember showing up to our summer drivers education program without my glasses. That felt like freedom! I could see so much more. I could wear sunglasses. Having a child, you just know that genetics is stacked against them. It was never a matter of if  The Boy would  need corrective eye wear but a matter of when.  Three years ago we got our first hint. The Boy's eye sight started to change. Not drastic. Just

Where I Have Been!

For the first time ever, I traveled really far from home to do my job; train. I was asked to go to Unionville, MO to conduct a training on working with fathers in public child welfare. Where is Unionville? Let me show you. Yep, it is pretty much Canada. Okay...not really. But it pretty much Iowa. I left Kansas City as soon as The Boy's baseball game ended Sunday and drove to my mother's home. She watched my two children while I went on further North to my Aunt's home in Trenton, MO. Her home was 2/3 of the way to the training site. It was wonderful to see my Aunt and cousin. Together, she and I watched the Jaycee Dugard story last night on TV. WOW! I shuffled through so many emotions watching that news edition. I am angry at Phillip Garrido.  I am furious with his wife, Nancy Garrido. I am disappointed in the system that could have found her and saved her. (I might even be a little relieved it is not a public child welfare agency on the hot seat this time.) But mo

The Cure for a Blah Day!

My Saturday did not start off well.  I lost a coworker last night. A wonderful woman who was the absolute nicest lady you would want to meet. She was way to young to leave this world.  Her passing has left my heart heavy. When my heart is heavy, I do things that make me feel good. With my mom in town for a short time, we met a friend at the city market. I love it that I have now been to the market twice in one month.  We tried sheep's milk cheese. We sampled fresh peaches. I bought fresh herbs. The Short Chic wanted blueberries. The Boy got a turkey leg.  Oh yeah! The Boy was also interviewed for a documentary on Being an American these days. After we got home, I do what I do the most when my heart hurts. I cook/bake. Today I made homemade guacamole.  My family tells me I have them spoiled when it comes to guacamole. So, today I taught The Boy how to make my version of guacamole.  First you want to start off with the freshest ingredients you can find. I use avocados, red o

Follow Up from You Know Where!

Yesterday, in preparation for today's follow up appointment for The Boy's wrist, the two kids talk me into picking The Short Chic up and taking her with us to The Boy's appointment. They are all excited to pick out the color of the cast. We arrived for our 1:30 doctor appointment today at about 1:20. There were so many people in the lobby it took us over ten minutes to get through registration. Some where in the middle of registration, The Short Chic decides to have one of her very few potty accidents. Although I am still unsure if you make zero attempt to go to the potty is it an accident or an intentional omission?? The entire time we are waiting in the lobby, The Short Chic is not allowed to sit, for fear that some nice person is going to come behind us and get a wet backside. The Boy and The Short Chic decide to play invisible knives. Where this game came from, I have no idea. But they end up arguing over invisible weapons. "Mom, The Boy took my knife." &q