Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Third!

I had a lovely visit from my friend Shannon today. She forfeited one of her days off to spend it with me and driving me to my doctor appointment. Thank you, Shannon!! 

I was disconnected from the pump this afternoon. This marks my 1/3 of the way through the chemotherapy. The nausea started this morning. I was sitting with Jacob while he was having breakfast and one whiff of his food about made the stomach flip. So I started the anti-nausea medication today.

I feel weak. I am trying to implement a new strategy this time around. Last time I avoided eating when I did not feel good. This time I am trying to make sure I eat small amounts of food that are protein packed.  Tomorrow should be the worse day yet. I also start a 10 day injection of more Neuprogen.

How am I doing? I am hanging in there. Trying to be as tough as I can be. While at the same time, recognizing that my body is in turmoil right now and can not be pushed. As much as I hate it, I have not been at work this week. My goal is to recover from this dose so I can be productive next week, on my off week.


  1. Hey there Pam,
    This is Kay as in your co-worker Kay Beckett I hope this finds its way to you I have tried and failed at getting a message to you or signing on It is a scary thought that I am one of the trainers for our computer systems!!! You are doing so amazing and I know you will come out on the other side of this "C" Monster Your spirit is so strong and will be a change agent for so many lives you are yet to touch so hold on in the darkest moments and trust you will beat this. I wanted to share something that my sister-in-law shared with me that helped my brother, Mickey, in AZ He has been frighting the C monster this past year and is getting his Port out tomorrow YEAH!!! They have no children but my brother has a wonderful wife that retired from working in the medical world and she has taken such good care of him anyway I sent her your Blog because my brother did not talk much plus his vocal cords were frozen or paralized (By accident) with his surgeries and he just did not talk about his journey so your words I know would mean so much to her and this is what Barb, (my sister-in-law) said,

    " I read your friend’s blog, and it all sounded so familiar—the thought processes, the appts., the voice cracks and tears with no warning, etc. Mickey was so lucky that he had no problems with the port except for some discomfort—he did not have a Groshong either. She is right in that this is a life-changing experience and while we feel blessed that Mickey’s outcome was so good, we know that the cancer (or some other) could be back to haunt him someday—that is why we are NOT waiting around and are doing things we always wanted to do together. I doubt that Mickey will want to read the blog but I will ask him—I think he will not want to deal with the descriptions, etc.—he just wants to put it behind him.

    By the way—Mickey had to get shot of Neulasta, another drug that helps white blood cells. When he got his shot, they had him take one Claritin and one Aleve the day of the shot and two days after and he never had any bone pain—you might want to let your friend know and she can check to see if this would be okay to try with the Neuprogen. Mick’s white count was never low, so don’t know if that would make a difference. It sounds very strange, but one of the patients told me about it and said she had bone pain after her first shot—a nurse then told her about the two meds (both over the counter drugs) and she never had bone pain again.

    Anyway, now our journey is going well and we have positive things to anticipate and we are going to do that. It is hard to move forward, but this trip is our first big step and we are anxious to get underway and to see all of you. I hope you and I can get away for a few hours and talk, cry or whatever. I know you guys have been through Hell with Larry, too, and even though his outcome was good you never fully recover from the emotional trauma of a life-threatening disease or condition. Mickey regaining his sense of humor is one of the best things that have happened! Thanks for sharing this with me."

    Pam thank-you for sharing with the rest of the world your life. All my Love and prayers every minute of every hour. Kay

  2. hang in there Pam! Wishing you an uneventful post chemo week.

  3. Kay, your comments made their way through cyber space and have found me! Thank you for the message. I am so happy Mickey is a fighter and has won his battle! As my PICC line has dangled against my arm all night, I know he will be happy to say goodbye to that catheter.

    I miss you and Carolyn alot! THank you for all of the support and encouragement! You are the best!

  4. You rock Pam. Take care of yourself first!


    Lorraine aka Missy