Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have not posted in the past few days. I have not really had a lot to say. I am in recovery mode, trying to get over the latest round of chemotherapy. My energy is zapped. I did manage to go to work on Friday but even that just wiped me out. I napped as soon as I got home and rested for the remainder of the evening.

It is the weekend and my doctor's office is closed. But the Neupogen must go on. Wayne and The Short Chic had me at the North Kansas City Hospital by 8:30 this morning (did I tell you that every appointment is early in the morning!!) I disliked getting my shot at the hospital, it made me miss the lady at my doctor's office who normally gives it to me.

I have figured out the secret to wearing a wig is the skull cap. I did not wear the skull cap the first day and it was so hot and ITCHY!  I swore it off for the remainder of my treatment. But I tried again, with the skull cap and it is so much better! I actually wore it out in public today and guess what...not a single person pointed at my head and said "THAT'S NOT YOUR HAIR!"

The Short Chic has also gotten use to my hair changes. The day we went to try on wigs at the store, she was so shocked she could not say a word. In fact, she left the store as fast as she could with her Papa. Then when I got it all cut off, she said, "I like your hair Mommy."  My favorite reaction was after she saw me in the wig the first time, she asked me, "Are you my new Mommy?" Now every time I wear the wig, she says "My new Mommy." I am sure the physical changes have to be hard for a two year old to understand. Shoot most days it is too much for me to understand too.

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