Sunday, August 29, 2010

A New Concern??

So Friday when I was at the dye study the lab tech changed my dressing on the catheter site. She used a non-latex adhesive called a  Tegaderm Film .  By the time we made it home from the football game, I could not stop scratching my chest area. I also had developed a sore, painful left arm that I could barely move. I know I am suppose to leave the catheter area covered at all times but the scratching and burning that came from that was so intense, I had to take it off. 

All day yesterday it was still itchy. Late yesterday afternoon Meeghan came over and we noticed that I had actualy blisters on my chest. The whole area was red and covered in welts.

I actually ended up going over to Jean Kantola's home and she nursed me. She cleaned the area with alcohol and then put a skin barrier over the area. Then she put on a bandage. Not knowing if it was the hospital Tegaderm Film or the latex tubing of the catheter that was causing the irritation, she taped the tubing up so most of it is off my skin.

Today is the first day since I had this catheter put in a week and one day ago that I am not scratching and itching.  I go back to the doctor tomorrow to have an official dressing change. I think we need to explore if I have developed some type of latex allergy.


  1. it sounds like you might be allergic to the adhesive from the tegaderm?

  2. Just got to work after having the dressing changed. Everyone seems to agree I am having some type of allergic reaction to the adhesive. I now have to go in 3 times a week for bandage changes and they are using some type of paper tape and gauze to cover the catheter.

  3. I'm free and available to do your dressing changes if needed. I would love to help if I could! Sending love and prayers.