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Prayers Needed

As we sat at The Boy's potentially last high school game The Husband's cell phone went off and brought some bad news. His niece was involved in a serious car accident.  As information about the accident and injuries poured in, it became evident this was a very serious incident.  This past week, I visited her crash site. I am thankful she is here on this earth with us. If you do not believe in a higher power, I am not sure how you can see these photos and not believe in something bigger than us. She was traveling east on a gravel road. She was attempting to make a left hand turn at an upcoming intersection when she lost control and hit a tree. Head-on.  Not the tree in the foreground of this photo but the tree in the background. Evidence of the crash is still visible.  The crashed automobile was a few miles away from the crash site so we paid it a visit as well. The vehicle was a Chevy Tahoe. Seeing it scrunched up was stunning. Everything was s

Monster High Birthday Party

Six candles on her cake. Six wishes she gets to make. My baby girl has turned six. Somewhere I blinked and she went from being a cute baby to a little girl. A little girl with an opinion! I use to tell her what the birthday theme was going to be. Now she tells me. This year she wanted demanded a Monster High themed party. This was my year to simplify her birthday party. I am not sure how I did on that end. You will have to share you thoughts on my "success" at scaling back. We opted to do a few things different this year. We did not have the party at our house. Instead it focused around an activity. We chose swimming {one of The Short Chic's favorite activities}. So we had the party at a local hotel that has a public access swimming area. The Decor: The decor needed to be simply as we are lugging everything to a hotel. The Husband and I added ribbon and tulle to water bottles.  I found the Monster High logo's on the internet and printed them out. I had hop

My Top 10 2014 Oscar Moments

From years past, you probably know I have a special love for the Oscars. Since 1998 my best friend and I have been in love with the gold statue and it’s big annual party. We usually have a large party featuring food and drinks from each of the Best Picture Nominations. You can see our former parties here: 2011 , 2012 , and 2013 . This year neither of us got it together. We did not see all of the nominated movies. We did not plan a party. We did not even get together to watch the Red Carpet Coverage or the show.  Instead we dealt with children, illness, and snow storms.  We did however watch the Show and text each other regularly. Here are my top ten 2014 Oscar Moments:  1.      Red Carpet; when Best Supporting Actress Nominee Lupita Nyong’o arrived in the breathtaking blue gown with that diamond headband she literally made my heart race. Beautiful and elegant and oozing of Osc ar worthy attire. In my opinion she out-shined everyone else.                                  

Frozen Sing-A-Long (Another Disney Side)

A week or so ago, The Short Chic was invited to a Frozen Sing-A-Long birthday party. The Husband and I armed wrestled to see who would take her. I cheated and won! The party was a local movie theater. They had a party room that we meet in before the movie. The birthday girl's momma, my friend Jen, had a craft ready for the girls.  Since it was a Sing-A-Long, she had the girls make microphones. They were so creative and cute!  She painted a Styrofoam egg in glitter paint and put them inside empty bathroom tissue cylinders of black cardstock. Each girl got to decorate their microphone with their name and other stickers.   The theater had a wall full of stars. It made the backdrop for silly photos. Maybe only my child got the memo about being silly? Afterwards we got a tour of the movie theater. It was a simple tour. Less complicated these days that what it was in the past. The machine below is the large projection machine that projects the movie onto th