Monday, November 22, 2010

Test Results are IN!

Okay, today of all days Wayne and I sat in the lobby of the Doctor's office for 55 minutes before being called back.

The Doctor started off telling us that previously my lymph nodes were about 3-4 cm large. The latest CT scan showed they were 1 1/2 cm large. He is very pleased with how much they have shrank. He said they will continue to shrink over the next several weeks because there is still chemo in my system. BUT, he believes if he PET scanned my lymph nodes right now, they would be PET negative, meaning swollen but not with Cancer. He believes right now the lymph nodes are full of "trash" (dead cancer cells) that my body will continue to "clean out" in the next several weeks/month.

He did say there is a strong likelihood that my lymph nodes may never return to their pre-Cancerous size due to scar tissue.

He also said the MUGA test showed my heart is just as strong after chemo as it was before. So, I am going to survive Cancer and have a strong heart!

I still have to do Radiation. There is no getting out of that. Radiation should start within the next few weeks and last 2-3 weeks. But the Doctor said to me, I have finished the hardest part!

Thank you all for your support, your thoughts, your prayers! Thank you so much!!

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  1. Praise the Lord Pam.

    I was thinking a bunch about you on the way to work....and prayed of course!