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My Disgust of Social Media

I am completely disenchanted with social media. I realize that sounds like an oxymoron as I use social media every single day; multiple times a day. In fact, I might even admit that I am addicted to social media. After twenty some years of being a social worker, I find that I am inquisitive. I like to know how things happen and why things happen. In addition, I am just a big people watcher. So, then, what is my complaint? Sure, I often scratch my head at some things that people post.  I absolutely believe you should resolve personal problems face to-face and not through Facebook. Yes, I do get annoyed when people post photos of their children in near naked status {am I the only one that is aware of perpetrators?}. But none of that is my complaint. My complaint is the news sites. All of our local news stations have a Facebook page and post breaking news. One one hand that is very helpful information. On the other hand, every single person on Facebook can comment on the news story.

The Sandlot Tour

One of our favorite movie’s of all time just celebrated its twentieth year anniversary. The Sandlot was originally released four years before my son, The Boy, was even born.  He actually got the movie for a present when he was three years old and he loved it so much that we wore that VHS out. Have you seen this movie? Or maybe a better question would be, “How many times have you seen this movie?”  When it came out the late, famed movie critique, Roger Ebert said The Sandlot was a summertime version of A Christmas Story.  The story is about a young boy who recently moved into a new place. He meets eight boys who play ball together and although he has no baseball skill, out of necessity he becomes their ninth player. All goes well, unless you count the black-eye, until their baseball gets hit over the fence. Then they encounter “The Beast”, a rather large dog that eats baseballs for dinner. The movie is funny, memorable, totally quotable, and is a cute story of a group of boys wh

My Little Fashionista!

This is The Short Chic. She is all about fashion! I am not sure if she is a fashionista, yet. But some day I believe she might be. She is about to set a new trend. She has been wearing this new look for the past three days. Can you spot it? Look closer...down there.... Forget mismatched socks. This girl is all about the mismatched shoes! Here is another version. Seriously, we do not wear mismatched socks in our family. So, I am not sure where she came up with this. The other day she wore one flip flip and one dress sandle. Why? She said, "just because I wanted to." On another note, maybe I should stop making her Easy Peasy Flip Flops! And if she could not get any siller, she now thinks she is a cat. MEOW!!

Liver Cheese: A Family Tradition

Today is an anniversary date. One of those dates you wish you did not have to remember but there is no way you can forget.  Fifteen years ago today,two days after his birthday, my father died of lung cancer. He was a lifelong smoker and his cancer was aggressive. His battle was short. He fought for six short months after his diagnosis. He knew the chemo was not working and that his time was limited. When he came to this realization he became the best dad in the world.                                                In the days before my father's passing, my family shared some memorable moments. One of those moments centers around the deli meat: Liver Cheese.I would not be surprised if you have never heard of it, or even never tasted it. But I was raised on it as it was one of my Dad's favorite things.  What is it? Well, it is a German food that is actually called Leberkase. It is bacon, corned beef, pork, and onion that is ground together and baked. It comes with a

My Public Admission(s)

I am going to publically acknowledge that I have been a poor blogger this spring/summer. It is not that I have finally ran out of things to say {like that could ever happen!}. Or that my life has gone bland {we are still spicing it up over here!}. Or that health concerns still do not impact me {in fact, a dear friend of mine is facing one now}. The truth of the matter is, I will formally admit, I have finally spread myself too thin. There Husband. I have formally admitted that I have a problem. I. Take.On. Too. Much! I have always wanted my kids to be involved in what I call "pro-social" activities. They are the type of activites you want your kids involved with (organized sports, dance, 4-H, piano lessons, book clubs, cheer, science club, chess club, ect.) as oppossed to those activities you do not want your kids invovled with (reckless behavior like drinking, drugs, non-stop video gaming, sleeping all day, sex, criminal activity, ect). When we just had The

Midwest Heat

You know those fake candles. The ones that run on batteries and don't really have a flame but they flicker and look like they are burning? Well, they melt in the Midwest heat just like a real candle. Just ask me. I know first hand.

A Missouri Mini-Vacation

Missouri is full of vacation spots. Some of them are obvious {Kansas City, St. Louis, Branson, even The Lake of the Ozarks}but some of them are less than obvious. We recently went on one of those less than obvious ones. We planned a four day getaway to Dora, Missouri to camp and canoe on The North Fork River. Here in Missouri, we call it a "float trip". What can you expect on a float trip? 1. Some driving. Most of the rivers that we float on are in the southern part of our state. It took us a good 5 hours {not including stops} to get to Dora, Missouri. At this point, even Missourian's are probably asking, "Where is Dora, Missouri?" Well, it is 40 driving miles away from West Plains, Missouri. As is typical with most float trips, you can not access the river by interstate. Nope, in fact you must get off the busy roads and take the roads less traveled. We prefer to pop in a CD full of good ole country music and just enjoy the ride. Of

Goal: Clean Out The Basement

Almost a year ago, I made a goal to get my basement cleaned out. Yes, I practice procrastination.  A few thing have occurred that made the necessity to get this chore done sooner than later.  So, today, we started tackling this massive project.  Hour One. Yep, as I started this project, I began contemplating my hoarding tendencies. I almost wanted to cry it was so overwhelming. In case you can't see her, The Short Chic is in the picture. She was my helper for this task. Closing Time. I have decided I am not a hoarder. I found it very easy to throw things away; hoarder's struggle with parting with things. I do have a lot of stuff. I started counting the number of trash bags I pulled out of here. I got lost in the number.  Hour One:  The condition of the basement has been totally embarrassing to me for a long time. Closing Time:  At closing time, I am feeling hopeful. Hour One: The majority of things in the basement were things set aside for