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What's For Lunch: Week 2

Well, the second week of school is behind us! The Short Chic continue's to think school is "Ggggrrreat!" This week's theme for school lunch, if there is one, was cutouts. We pulled out our cookie cutters and got busy! So, here is what we had for lunch this past week and a half. Week 2, Day 1: Turkey, Cheese and Lettuce Sandwich with Cherry Tomato, orange slices, pretzels.  Week 2, Day 2: Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Banana Sandwich, Berries, Pretzels with a Cinderella Shoe and Ranch Dressing Week 2, Day 3: Pizza Quesadilla's, cucumbers shaped like flowers, mandarin orange slices and cookies. Week 2, Day 4: Ham and Cheese cutout Hearts, over-sized Wheat Thins, Kiwi Fruit, and a Brownie Week 2, Day 5:  Butter and Cheese Flower Sandwich, Carrots, Apple Slices, and Trail Mix Daddy actually made this meal. I was out of town doing my  Keynote Presentation . He did not do too bad, huh! I guess when I look at the week in review,

Speaking In Public: CHECK!

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. An estimated 75% of all people have some type of anxiety or fear of public speaking. In high school or even college, I thought I had glossophobia! Speaking in front of my own class was a nerve-wracking experience. Once, I had entertained the idea of competing in a speech contest. I wrote, I planned, and in the end I pulled out because of the idea of speaking in front of other people. My high school English teacher and Home Economics teacher both were very angry with me.  Probably more disappointed. But either way, I knew they were not happy with my decision. Then I grew up. Once I was asked a public question in a wedding. I had to give the preacher good reason the bride and groom should be married. I have no idea what I said, but I do know that what I said was barely coherent because I was so nervous! Then I became a trainer. As a trainer it became my job to address people. Mostly small groups but I have done the occasional introduct

What's For Lunch: Week 1

My Short Chic has started Kindergarten and insists on taking her own lunch. This decision is okay with me for a couple of reasons: 1.  I know exactly what is in her lunch. 2. Since she has not figured out how to lie to me yet, I know exactly what she is eating too! 3. Our school district assigns every child a 6 digit number and she would have to learn it and "key it" in every day at lunch. This slows up the lines and gives her less time to eat. {Have I ever told you all she is a talker and needs time to complete task?} 4. I purchased her a super cute Thirty-One thermal tote last year and I love watching her use it. 5. And the final reason I love making her is just another creative outlet for me. So, here is my new series, What's For Lunch. Each week, I am going to share with you The Short Chic's school lunches. Week 1: Day 1:  Ants on a log, yogurt, berries. She loved this meal. Although I made two errors. First, I did not think throug

Our Transition to Kindergarten

It was a big week at our home; our Short Chic started Kindergarten. We knew this day was coming and we recognized that we had some things to get ready for. The Short Chic has never had any type of schedule. We have been fortunate enough that my in-laws took care of her, so she never had to be up at any given schedule. Since she never had to be up at a certain time, we never put her to bed at a designated time. We would wake her up right as we were ready to walk out the door in the morning but often she left home without breakfast, without her hair being combed, or even dressed for the day. If she wanted to wear her pajamas all day long, that is what she wore. I should also confess that The Short Chic also still slept in bed with us. She has been a third bed partner for years. The Husband and I both kinda liked having her close by. The number one reason we kept her close to us was it gave my husband and I more quality sleep. We did not have to get up and down in the middle of the

Curry Chicken Salad

A few weeks ago I went to lunch with my coworkers to one of my favorite places in Kansas City. The restaurant had changed it's menu since the last time I was there. They have a gift for putting flavors together that I just never would have thought. It was a hard decision between their soft boiled egg and asparagus sandwich and their Curry Chicken Salad. I ended up selecting the chicken salad. This little bistro has served as my creative inspiration a couple of times. As soon as I tasted this wonderful Curry Chicken Salad, I knew I was going to go home and play with it until I could make something very similar that I could have any time I wanted it! This is what I came up with: Curry Chicken Salad 1 pound chicken breast 2 stalks of celery 1 apple 1/2 cup dried cranberries 1/2 cup pistachio's 6 ounces plain Greek Yogurt 1/2 cup Mayonnaise 1 T curry powder 1. Cook your chicken breast. I boiled mine. 2. Cut your celery stalks into small bite size pieces. 3. Chop

Farting Fred

Passing gas, my friends, is a fact of life. My dear Uncle Steve always use to say he has more room on the outside than on the inside. Wise wisdom. If you are the parent of a boy then you know that passing gas is not only biological; it is also comical. I do not know why but all the men in my life will rollover laughing at the mere hint of bathroom humor.  It is a sad but true fact of my life. I do not think I am alone. I have watched enough Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey movies to know they also think it is funny. Catch an episode of Ridiculousness and I am sure you are gonna see some there. Why? Because men think it is funny.  A few weeks ago, my Johnson family gathered together to celebrate the return home of three of our relatives. My cousin Candace and her two beautiful daughters came to visit us from North Carolina. As is typical, when you have a family gathering stories come up. Candace was telling me about the last time she had seen The Boy. He was three years