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Oscar 2015

Happy Oscar Sunday! It has now been 18 years since I started my love affair with the golden statue. I love his movies and I love his fashion and I love his night! I managed to squeeze in all eight Best Picture nominations  by midnight last night. I am not a movie critic so I know nothing other than what I respond to. So, here are my reactions to the movies: The Grand Budapest Hotel: quirky and fun. I wish I would have re-watched it again since I watched it so long ago. Boyhood: Impressive that everyone dedicated so many years to making this movie. Beyond that, I did identify with Patricia Arquette's role  as she watches her son grow up and moves on. This is the chapter I am in with my own life. Other than that, do I dare say, I just thought it was okay. American Sniper:  I love Clint Eastwood. I love Bradly Cooper. It was a good movie and I enjoyed it. Selma: I loved this movie. I did not really think about the controversy of nomination snubs until I watched this movie.

Valentines Day Ramblings

Why is it that adding chocolate to strawberries can alter a persons life? The Boy and his girlfriend hand dipped Strawberries this weekend. They made the entire house happy! I made The Short Chic a new necklace. As I mentioned before in this  post , The Short Chic is in love with Paris.  So, I tried my hand at making some jewelry.  This is an 18 inch chain that I added a bottle to. Inside the bottle is a message and some red crystals. The message reads, "May all of your dreams come true". I added a few charms: a lock and a key, an Eiffel Tower, and an Arc de Triomphe. I debated about leaving the key off as it would be more representative of the locks on the Pont des Arts but then The Husband piped up that France officials are stopping the practice of love locks. So I added the key.  The Boy's girlfriend also got a message in a bottle. Her message was a little sweeter but that is not my story to tell. She elected to make hers a key chain. Both

Eiffel Tower Party Invitation and Thank You

I am so excited to finally be able to show you a small project I have been working on. My daughter, The Short Chic, is about to have her next birthday and her invitations are ready to be shared. In the "olden" days I came up with the theme for her parties but those tides have turned. I am not sure how she comes up with her ideas. Sometimes they reflect her current passion  and other times it appears as if she just grabbed a random thought. That is what she did this year; grab a random thought.  They say an invitation sets the stage for the party. I truly hope that is the case. The Short Chic is madly in love with the Eiffel Tower and wants an entire party focused on it. Finding the right invitation was difficult. I personally did not want the words "Ooh la la" anywhere on the invitations so that eliminated most of the printables and store purchased invitations.  I made the decision to make my own. To create the invitation I used pink  5x7 cards, black card

A Parallel Process: Marriage Equality and Civil Rights

As I consumed the news this morning, I found myself muttering aloud. The kind of muttering you do when you just can't fathom that what you are hearing is true. The kind of muttering you do when something so logical to you seems so foreign to others. Surely, I am not alone and you all do this at times. The state of Alabama dominated the news this morning.  The Supreme Court denied Alabama's request to deny marriage licenses for same sex couples making Alabama the 37th state to recognize marriage equality.  Atlas it was not to be so easy.  Alabama's Chief Justice, who apparently does not believe in marriage equality, ordered the state's lower Probate Courts to not issue the licenses.  Couples seeking licenses were met with two different responses. Some lower courts ignored Alabama's Chief Justices' order and granted same sex marriage licenses while others continued to deny the request for marriage. As I listened this news, I have to ask the most obvious questi

College Bound

I have said this before, but I am once again reminded of how quickly the sand leaves the hour glass. The Boy only has just under 14 weeks till his high school graduation. That is less than 100 days. High School life has been a challenge for us. Although The Boy has been encouraged to attend college his whole life, he never felt a connection to become something. He contemplated the military, factory work, and at best a community college. The one thing he did promise me was that he would obtain his A+ diploma. For those of you who do not know, an A+ diploma is awarded if a high school student maintains a minimum GPA, has a minimum attendance, scored proficient on some exams, and completed 50 hours of tutoring hours. Last summer, The Boy volunteered at his old elementary school to get his A+ hours. Almost immediately, he began coming home with stories of children and learning. Every day he talked about it a little longer. Finally, I asked him if teaching was something he would be

The 100th Day of School Project

The holiday hustle and bustle is over. You think your life is going to slow down and you can finally settle in for a long winter rest until you open your child's backpack and find a note from their teacher.  The note explains that the 100th Day of School is approaching and would you please work with your young person to create a project with 100 items for them to bring to school to celebrate the occasion. If you are the overly-organized,creative, well put-together Mommy you take this all in stride. I admire those Mommy's! I strive to be like those Mommy's. But if you are like me, I try and actually ignore the note for a few days until the realization that I have wasted several days hits and now I am have that much less time to pull something out of thin air. Maybe if you are lucky you will have the type of child that The Boy was when he was small. He had no interest in making a project. He wanted something to do with cars and that was the amount of input he