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A Day In MY Life

I have not been a very good blogger lately. I think I just have a lot on my plate and I have just been doing it. I also feel that I am in a creative slump. I am trying to kick start my motivation.My BFF, Meeghan, has asked me to do a day in my life post for a super long time. Now is about as good as time as every. Please allow me to walk you through my day. 6:15 a.m. I wake up a full fifteen minutes before my alarm goes off. 6:15 to 6:40 am I hang out with The Boy before he leaves for school. I take advantage of the time to do some craft projects that I am making for my class reunion this weekend. 6:40 am Computer time! I check my email, Instagram, and Facebook. 7:00-7:30 am Time to get ready for work. Intermittently, I am playing with The Short Chic. She has decided I am her best friend. She let's me brush her hair. And wouldn't you know it, The dog wouldn't go outside while I was downstairs but now she wants to go. Ggggrrr! 7:30-7:45 am On this Thursday, af

Book Club Review: Night

                                               Today is book club day.   I have found that I am a fast reader and reading too quickly for one book club. So, I have linked up to be a part of Mrs. Readalots Bloggy Book Club . Mrs. Readalot's Bloggy Book Club is online. Different bloggers host book club each month. The host blogger makes a book selection and participants can read that selection or any other selection. Then bloggers link up their review of the books they read. This month's bloggy book club is hosted by  Dear Future Me . Her theme is books that inspire you to travel or preserve history, so her selection is Night by Elie Wiesel. I just finished reading Night by Elie Wiesel. I have read several books about the Holocaust. I have watched many movies about The Holocaust.  I have even been to the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.  It does not get any easier. Night is an autobiography. The story is the author's account of his time in co

10 Lessons From A Birthday Cake

This is a tale of a birthday cake and the many lessons it taught. Ten lessons to be exact.   Lesson One: Accidents Happen. Lesson Two: If at first you don't succeed, you should try, try again!   Lesson Three: Practice does make us better. Lesson Four: You should always surround yourself with friends that make you feel like you can accomplish anything.   Lesson Five: Collaboration is often just as rewarding as competition. Lesson Six: Faith and Trust go a long way. But sometimes you do need pixie dust! Lesson Seven: You should always believe in the power of magic.  Lesson Eight: Keep your girlfriends close at all times. Lesson Nine: Laughter is great medicine. Lesson Ten: Never be afraid of your inner child. Giggle and dance away! Happy Saturday!

Ready, Set, Go! First Day of School

Ready... Not only did we help get him organized we also set down and made goals for this year.  Set.... Early morning breakfast.  I got up and made him Southwestern Hashbrowns. Throw in some Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. Can I tell you was still dark outside as I served him breakfast! Go! He is off. His first day as a Sophomore has started.

The Day Before School Starts

It is the day before school  starts. Here are 20 things going on around our house: 1.) The Husband is at work. 2.) The Husband does not know that I did not go to work today. 3.) The Short Chic is having a play date. 4.) I got my car washed and detailed today. Finally, it is clean! 5.). The water to our neighborhood has been shut off while a leak has been repaired. 6.) My BodyMedia stopped working today. I have to send it in to get a new one. 7.)  While practicing driving today, The Boy ran a red light. Yes, with his mother in the car! 8.) I made it to the bank today. 9.) I got an oil change on my car. 10.)The Boy, his romantic interest and I went to Red Mango. 11.) The Boy and I have spent the day watching The Little League World Series. 12.) I made it to the Redbox to return movies. 13.) I took a nap in my rocking chair. 14.) The Boy took a nap as well. 15.) The Boy and I have gotten all his school supplies ready and packed away in a backpack. 16.)  

State Fair Time

We took a road trip yesterday. To visit our State Fair! Today is the last day of the Fair but you really could not tell that as busy and active as it all was. In the first hour of arriving, The Boy consumed a corn dog, curly fries, and ice cream! We found a vendor that was selling Pineapple Whips, which I have been reading about. {I am looking forward to comparing the one from yesterday to the one's at Disney!} I used The Midway as a reward for looking at all the other things. Given a choice, they would spend all day riding rides and never once look at another person's accomplishment.  We saw all kinds of animals. We even fed some in a petting zoo. The Short Chic about jumped out of her skin when a Yak stuck his tongue out to eat up the food she offered. It all happened so fast I could not get a photo of it! She did not mind feeding the goats but she was not a fan of the exotic animals.   Here are the three of them! The Boy brought along his favorite gi

Small Pleasure

Isn't it amazing how $20.00 worth of new makeup can make us girls feel so excited?!?

Kindergarten Screenings?

We took The Short Chic in for her 4 year old check up. She is nearly 4 1/2 years old! I am that Mom, who never gets the appointments scheduled in a timely manner. She is in the 75th percentile for height. The 50th percentile for weight. If she would gain 5 more pounds we could graduate to a booster seat. The crazy thing about the appointment is she is not eligible for her 5 year check up till August next year. After Kindergarten round up. So they did it today! TODAY! I was so unprepared. I need time to process these things.  My baby in Kindergarten? In one year! Holy smokes! Not having time to prepare worked for me today. We had to quickly get a hearing test (which she passed). A vision test. (This one seems a little concerning to me. She got the 20/20 letters but she did not do so hot on the use of one eye to get the smaller letters. She either had stage freight and forgot her letters or she really can't see them. Stay tuned. The nurse was so nice. She justified

Feeding Butterflies

I would like to take you on a walk around our yard.  Here are the pretty yellow Marigold's The Short Chic planted on my birthday.  All that is left are brown, dried up, dead stems.  Oh Yes! And the pretty pinkish/purple flowers that The Husband gave me for my birthday. We planted them on Easter in my new topsy turvey planter that he made for me.  It looks the same. Brown. Dead. Here are a little bit of green. Fighting to hang on. I am not even sure what this plant is. It is 80% gone. This is the worst my flower garden has looked in years. It is bone dry. Even The Husbands prized yard looks brown.  Not even The Short Chic can make the yard look good. This brown oasis is suppose to be a habitat for living things. We love to go outside and explore. We love seeing hummingbirds flutter around. Chase a butterfly around. Find a caterpillar and rub our fingers up and down its furry body. Try and catch a lightening bug as it flies around the yard. But not th

Playing Catch Up!

I have kinda been missing for the past week. I am not sure why? Maybe it is because I have been feeling a little under the weather, I hate it when my sinus act up.  Maybe it is because I am tired. (too many sinus medications makes one sleepy!) Maybe it is because The Boy is gone. Or maybe ... just maybe...I needed a social media break. In reality, it is probably a combination of all these things.  Either way, I am still here.  It has been a slow week or so. Even my photo taking on Instagram slowed way down. I had to remind myself to take photos! 1. It is now two Friday's ago, The Boy's baseball team finished out our baseball season in second place. Interesting note: We had zero rain-outs this year. That has never happened to us before. 2. Missouri had it's sales tax free weekend to help us parents out with back-to-school shopping. The Boy and I hit up the sale. 3. The Short Chic was a birthday party girl last weekend. She had a party on Sa

Week 10 Weight Watchers Update

It has been a few weeks since I updated you all on my Weight Watcher's progress. I am still weighing in, please do not think I have given up or stopped. I just could not get it posted last week because we were in Denver, without internet service. I weighed-in today. I lost another 2.2 pounds. This brings my total weight loss to 13 pounds in 10 weeks. The super great news: I was on vacation for four of the seven days! I told the ladies at Weight Watchers that I seem to lose more weight when I am on vacation than during my "real" life, so I was just going to stay on vacation! I bought a new gadget. You will probably see me wearing it. I purchased a BodyMedia monitor. If you watch The Biggest Loser, you might have noticed BodyMedia's competitor being worn on the contestants.   My new gadget is a small monitoring devise that is worn on the upper arm. It records the amount of calories burned each day, the amount of calories consumed, the difference between the two

Countdown to Disney

We are 31 weeks away from our big trip to Disney.                                                       I have seen so many cute countdown ideas on Pinterest but I can't use any of them. We are keeping this a secret from The Short Chic! What I want to do before we leave is have her prepared for Disney. I would like her to know the characters.  You know, the other ones. The ones who are not Princesses. Dumbo, Nemo, The Mad Hadder, I have devised a 31 week countdown. Each week we will feature a new movie. I will plan a meal around the movie, have a family dinner, and then watch the movie together. This way, The Boy gets a refresher course, The Husband and The Short Chic learn the characters. And me? I get some family time that does not involve a baseball field or a dance studio. This week, we are watching Dumbo.  The menu for our dinner centers around circus food. Homemade Corn Dogs Elephant Ears Lemon-aid Caramel Apple Nacho's Popcorn Circus Peanuts Cott

Our Week in Instagram!

If there was a theme for this week, I think it might be "extremes". We went from 107 degree tempatures to 46 degrees. We went from kids and kid activities to adult time. We went from 1,000 feet altitude to nearly 11,000 feet! What a week this has been! 1. The temperature literally was 107 degrees on Thursday July 25. 2. That night it rained and it cooled it to 75 degrees. Unfortunately the rain brought the humidity. Welcome to summer in the Midwest. 3. We took a nice drive to my hometown on Thursday. We delivered my mom (she got her car back following body damage from hitting a deer). We also delivered The Short Chic who is spending four days with her Grandma. This photo is on the flat stretch just outside my hometown. 4. The Boy drove me 2/3 of the way home from my mom's. He got to practice using cruise control.  5. Friday, The Husband and I woke up early. Like 4:00 a.m. early! 6. We took a plane to Denver Colorado! 7. Had breakfast with four super coo