Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Graduation Day

Today has been interesting. I went to work, facilitating a training. I managed to make it through the entire training before getting sick. I have forced myself to eat today just so I can have something in my stomach. The new Zofran is not working so well at keeping the nausea away. Can I tell you all a secret...just seeing the color red makes me sick.

Wayne met me at my doctors office today for the discharge from my pump. I said goodbye to my "ipod" with as much joy as I could muster today!

The cultures they took on Monday are still growing and the second preliminary report is that I have two bad germs growing right now. So, the doctor has decided to put me on a second antibiotic. So now I am on 1000 mg of Cipro as well as 2000 mg of Keflex a day. The other great news, they pulled my PICC line today. I no longer have two dangling lines from my arm! I can shower without regard to getting them wet!! I can finally scrap off all the tape marks that have been on my arms for months! And no more Heperin for me!!

I was under the impression that the PICC line was 39 inches long. I measured that out and almost freaked myself out by how long 39 inches was. I was pretty convinced I would feel the line being pulled out and it would hurt. I am pretty much a sissy-la-la when it comes to pain. So, you can imagine how surprised I was when the nurse announced the line was out and it was over. I was sure she was joking. But, no, right there on our pillow table was a PICC line and it was NOT 39 inches long. I am pretty sure it was suppose to be 39 centimeters and not inches.

The nurses in the doctors office are just amazing. After they pulled the PICC line, the nurse brought over a stuffed owl. The owl played music, the graduation pom and circumstance. In the middle of the treatment room with the other patients watching, I had a small, silly, and very moving graduation from chemotherapy party today. (I will post some photos when Wayne gets them sent to me).

My repeat test are next Tuesday. I have to report to the hospital at 11:00 for the MUGA and the CT scan.

So, while it seems like everything is going well, please pray that I get through this round of chemo. I am sick and the medication is not helping. I hope it goes away soon.

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  1. I am so sorry you've had such a hard time. I will anxiously await seeing your graduation photos and will be praying for you to get through this next round of chemo without being so sick. Thanks for hanging in there enough to give us an update even though you probably don't feel like blogging.