Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The End is Near

I resumed treatments the Monday after Christmas. Let me update you:

1.) I was able to eat some solid foods over the holiday. No ham or turkey. Mostly soft side dishes but it was still solid food that was not a shake.
2.) I am still eating a lot of soup, it is just easier.
3.) On Monday, my throat stopped hurting. Since then it has gotten stronger every day.

As I have said before, I have to see the doctor every Monday. This week we had a visiting doctor and boy did she examine me! She poked really hard on my lymph-nodes and concluded that she did not feel a single one of them. YEAH ME!! She also told me that anything higher than 2000 units of radiation is known to do permanent damage to the saliva glands. I am receiving over 3000 units.

The right side of my mouth continues to be super sore. But, I will say, it has also improved every day this week. I can only guess that the boost is not hitting it and it has started to heal.

I am sunburned. The first sign always that I have had too much sun is when I start to itch.  I can see the sunburn on the front of my body but I could not figure out why the back was itching so much.  Silly me, forgot they radiate the front and back of my neck! So I am sunburned on the front of my body as well as the back.

I had a super great Christmas, as I hope all of you did! My husband might have wrapped it up, but my hair dresser, Julie, gave Wayne a new hair treatment for people who have lost their hair to chemo and are trying to grow it back. It is called BioJen. I started using it Christmas night. We shall see. I can say my hair is growing back but it is still way too thin. I still cover my head when I go out in public.  Through the holidays I was able to see both of my nieces and I think both of them, 9 month old Alaska and 3 month old Zoe, have more hair than I do!! OK, I just checked out photos of Zoe, I think we might be even!

I am including one photo from the holidays. Wayne got me this wonderful necklace and I wanted to share it all with you. It is from Silver Maple, you can find them online.  My necklace says Wife, Mother, Survivor.

If you would like your very own can find them online. . You can totally personalize a necklace of your fancy. This one was found in my stocking on Christmas Day. When I unwrapped it, I could not even talk, I was so chocked up. Let it to Wayne to leave me speechless.

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