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Old McDonald Birthday Party

We have about finished birthday season in our family. I am a little sad it is almost over for another year. Since I started this blog after The Short Chic's second birthday, I thought I would keep birthday season alive in my heart by posting some old photos. When she was one, The Short Chic loved Baby Einstein videos. She also loved singing "Old McDonald had a farm". So, when it came time to planning her second birthday party it seemed obvious to combine the two and have an Old McDonald Birthday Party. I found very cute paper products from Birthday Express. They were absolutely perfect! As cute as the paper goods were, I still needed a WOW factor. I mean the cow print balloons were cute but they were just not enough. So, I decided to build a barn. Well, actually, I asked my husband to build a barn. It is amazing what one can do with a leftover refrigerator box. But I did not have one of those. So, I called our local Home Depot and asked if I could have one. It was

Check-Up in CancerWorld!

Every three months for the next two years I have to check-in with CancerWorld. My first check-up has been a series of comical errors that I thought I would share with you all.  When I last saw the Doctor in CancerWorld in November, they scheduled my first check-up for March 16. Back then November felt very far away. Blood work is required for this visit so I was asked to go to the doctors office the Monday before and do the lab work so the test would be back before the office visit. I showed up for the lab work on March 14 and the receptionist looked at me quite oddly. She asked me for my appointment time and I told her I was only there for lab work. She searched frantically through her computer before she announced, "My appointment was ONE MONTH ago!"  My head was swimming, how did I miss an appointment by a month? This could not be, I had my calendar in my car and I had wrote the appointment in my calendar as I was standing in front of the receptionist back in November.

Our Weekend

Last weekend one of the bloggers I follow posted about her weekend using photos. Normally, my weekends are filled with exciting things like: house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, running to and from baseball practices, doing the dishes, ect. Who wants to see or know about those exciting parts of my life? That is correct: No one except maybe my mother! But...this weekend! This week is different, this weekend is BUSY! I have tried my best to snag some photos of our weekends Friday Night: Mexican Food!  Never fails, after training 5/5 days, I am exhausted! I slept on the coach from 7 to 9, got up and went back to bed at 10:00. After training all week long, all I wanted on Friday night was some Mexican Food and a Beer. My family raves about my homemade guacamole and not to brag but I do make a good guacamole. I came home from work and immediately began cutting tomatoes, chopping cilantro and onions, and mashing avocados. I threw together some pork quesadillas to go with the


The Short Chic: "MOM!" Me: "Yes, Sissy" The Short Chic: "The boy said I look dumb." Me: "I think you look adorable!"

Spring Break Week

My oldest, The Boy, has been on spring break this week. My husband took him fly fishing at the beginning of the week and it snowed on them. Due to my illness last year, I depleted my leave at work and had very limited time I could take off to spend with him. Doesn't that sound like a good excuse to avoid fishing in the cold snow?!? The end of the week, however, was not cold and snowy. In fact, it has turned into a perfect spring break week with record highs for the season. I decided to take off 1 day from work and take my son to the NAIA basketball tournament. One day of basketball  was not enough for The Boy, so his Papa took him to the tournament on Thursday. The NAIA tournament always gets second thought to a much larger basketball tournament that is also going on right now, the NCAA tournament. We might have been watching smaller, Division II schools, but the players have just as much heart and determination to bring home a national championship. And I am not sure about the

Mother's Day 5K

I know Mother's Day seems like it is still months and months away. And I guess technically it is still two months away. But, it is time to register for the 7th Annual Mother's Day 5K Run/Walk. The Run/Walk starts at 8:00 on May 8, 2011. Yes, that is Mother's Day. The entire run/walk is only for women. I completed the walk last year with my dear friend Krista, I actually went and grabbed this photo of us taken last year. This picture cracks me up! I am short. Krista is tall. She is trying to shrink down and I am trying to grow so we both look silly!  After a newbie completes the Mother's Day 5K, she earns her tiara. I can not tell you how much fun this event was! The course is dotted with Mommy-ism signs. They have specially decorated custom porta-potties.Did I mention the really cool t-shirts? And who does not love balloon flowers hanging over the start/finish line?? I officially registered today. I know Krista is planning to walk with me again. I would love to see m

A Rough Day but Pasta makes it all Better

The past 24 hours have been tough to be three. The boys went out of town on a fly fishing trip and we girls had a girls night last night. We played Barbie's and painted our fingernails. The Short Chic did not want to go to bed last night and finally she told me why. "My Daddy always let's the dog out before I go to bed." "My Daddy always gets me a drink of water before I go to bed." "My Daddy always reads me a story before I go to sleep." "My Daddy always tucks me in." I did not want to argue with her logic. Sometimes her Mommy reads her a story before bed and often tucks her in. But clearly, she did not want to go to bed without her Daddy.  Lucky for me, stories of her Daddy and her brother sharing a bed distracted her long enough for her to forget her Daddy was missing and she passed out! Then this afternoon, I called The Short Chic's Nana on my way home but the Short Chic was sleeping. Nana told me she would bring The Short Chi

Does it really start this young?

It has been a week since our baby girl turned three and had a wonderful birthday party. But in that week, she has never once acknowledge that she is three. On the day of her actual birth, she cried. In the middle of her tears, she told her Nana that she did not want to be three, she wanted to stay two. When I asked her why, she said it was because she had not had her party yet. OK, I thought. It is kinda complicated to have your birthday party on a separate day from the day you were born. Maybe that complicated thought was too much for a new three year old. And then, on the day of her party, when she saw her fairy birthday cake, she did tell me, "OK, Mommy, I will be three now!" But, from that moment on, she has continued to insist that she is not three. She just wants to be two because she liked two. She says as she hold up two fingers! I secretly wonder if we can't be three because she can't figure out how to hold up three fingers. I have tried to get her to s

Date Night

Tonight, I am thankful for time alone with my hubby, for sushi, frozen yogurt, and movies!


I recommended to a dear friend yesterday that they start a gratitude log. The goal of it is to focus on the positive things in your life and not on the negative. Gratitude logs are not a new concept nor is it one that I developed. In the spirit of modeling this behavior, I have decided I would post my gratuities also. I challenged her to two things a day. Can you model this behavior as well? Today, I am grateful for... 1. I made sweet and sour meatballs last night in my muffin tin. The muffin tin took a beating with the sauce and the meatballs. I honestly thought I would never get that tin cleaned. I soaked it in some water last night and this morning....the baked on goo just wiped away! No scrubbing, no mess!! How cool is that! 2. It is sunny here in Kansas City today. I am tired of winter. I am ready for spring.  And I am so very thankful that today the sun is out and from the inside looking out, it is bright and cheerful. Just this little bit of sunshine says to me, "Hol

Fairy Tea Party!

What a wonderful birthday party we had! I got up at 5:00 a.m. and went to bed at 10:30 p.m.. It was an entire day of celebrating the wonderful life of my three year old daughter. I am posting some photos here of our party. First I would like to start with by describing the day. It was sunny. Which is not what was fore-casted. The experts said it was going to rain all day.  But, it was dry and sunny. Unfortunately, the powers that held off the rain, also forgot to turn the temperature up. It was cold, cold, cold!! Inside our home was another story!  My easy-up canopy tent helped set the stage for a lovely fairy forest in our living room.  My friend Meeghan and I got together Thursday night to make some tissue paper pom pom's. I hung them from the ceiling of the tent. I used green tulle and lots of flowers to decorate. The little girls had a table set up in the center of the tent, which was the setting for their fairy tea party. I had originally wanted to put grass down in