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Communication Center

I don't think I have told you all yet, I got promoted a few weeks ago. My boss retired and I was selected to take over for her. The past few weeks have been busy with organization projects. I am pretty proud of the communication center I just made today. To make this communication center, I started off by buying a piece of sheet metal. We priced several different ways but I ended up buying a 24 x 36 inch sheet from Home Depot. {The cost for the metal was $19.96.} Next, I hit up the office supply store and found some acrylic file folders on clearance.I needed 4 folders so I had to buy two boxes. {The cost of the folders was $24.00.} The office supply store also had a peel and stick dry erase board on clearance. {$9.00} They also had random magnets, dry erase markers, and butterfly magnets all on clearance. {Total of the random items was $4.00.} Other random supplies I used: magnets {$5/for 52 magnets, chalkboard vinyl, super glue {both on-hand}. I started off by a

Final Week: Elf on the Shelf

We said good-bye to Isabella last night.   The Short Chic woke up at 5:30 a.m. this morning and immediately ran downstairs. She proclaimed to the entire house that Santa had been to our home because Isabella was gone {Never mind the gifts under the tree!}! Let's review her last week with us:   Isabella was found one morning hanging from the kitchen clock. I think she was reminding us that Christmas was almost here! As a side note, YES, the clock runs backwards. My Dad had a clock just like this one when I was growing up. It reminds me of him. The next morning, Isabella turned our milk GREEN! The Boy was not too intimidated to try it but The Short Chic was. Finally she tried it, her response, "It taste just like milk. I thought it was going to be peppermint!"  Actually, I did not get a photo of the next day. But we found Isabella on the kitchen table with her head in a bag of M & M's. She spelled out CUTE in front of The Short Chic's photo

DIY: Etched Glass Bricks

Every year I attempt to make some type of homemade gift.  This year is no exception. I have seen these cute glass bricks at the hobby stores and I wanted to see what I could make with them. I have to say the end results are fabulous and it looks like I worked much harder than what I really did. Besides buying glass bricks, predrilled at a craft store, I also bought a bottle of glass etching cream. {I did not shop around too much and bought the first bottle I saw. It has a famous name on it and it cost me $25.00 minus my 40% off coupon. I am sure I could have found the same product without the famous name for way less!} I bought some vinyl and used my Cricut to cut out cute letters and borders. I used a new cartridge, Sophisticate. I absolutely love the cartridge! Once the vinyl was cut, I peeled the sticky off the back and placed it on the glass brick.  The key here is to get the edged sealed. It does not have to be perfect at all. {Side note: many of the glass bricks

Honor and Rememberance

More Stories of Isabella, The Elf on The Shelf

Between dance class, gymnastics, basketball, and the winter cold I have not updated you all on Isabella The Elf''s antics in our home over the past two weeks. Isabella has been busy. The Short Chic has gotten way more excited in her morning hunts for Isabella!  One morning we found Isabella in The Boy's room. She was sitting on top of his K-State Light holding a "Go Cats" banner and wearing a #7 button. We believe she joined in on The Boy's desire for Collin Klein to win the Heisman Trophy.  The next morning we found Isabella in a car on a date with Aladdin. It looks like Isabella was trying hard to swoon Aladdin from Princess Jasmine! She borrowed a convertible and took him to the big city to see the pretty lights. Inside the car was a note for The Short Chic and The Boy. The note told them to plant some magic seeds before they went to bed that night. The Short Chic planted them in a "Flour" pot (the pot was full of flour and not dir

The Ear Piercing Adventures: Part One

When my daughter was born, nearly five years ago, my husband's extended family sent her a little set of pink diamond earrings. That is how I learned how different his family was from mine around ear piercing! Needless to say, I did not pierce her ears when she was a baby. I wanted to wait until she wanted them pierced. Well we have been talking about ear piercing for some time now.  And with all the talking about it, I made a startling realization! My own pierced ears have grown closed. (WOW! I thought it was a little extra hard to put earrings in the last time. Just did not realize I was forcing them through!) The Short Chic and I made a date to go get our ears pierced. I would go first to show her it did not hurt.  She was excited when I gave her the tiny box with the cute pink earrings in them. On the way to get them done, she held the box, ever so gently and proudly. Then she tells me, "MOM, I lost one!" Sadly, it was true. After nearly 5 years of safeke

Unbelievable Grief

Unbelievable acts occurred today. They are incomprehensible.  I have no answers to explain why these things happen. I only have unanswered questions.  Why a school? Why young innocent children? Why does this keep happening? Why can't we make it stop? Will it ever be safe? I have no magic words to ease the pain. My heart is torn wide open and screams in pain.  I know I am not alone. We are all at a loss.  In my line of work we see horrible acts inflicted on children on a daily basis. There have been many times when I have dashed home to hug my children. I could not wait to see my children this afternoon. As I watched my four year old play with her friends, the reality that many of the victims of today's horror are her age.  When I look at her I can't help but smile. The innocence. The playfulness. The magic. She has no idea why I won't stop hugging her or touching her or telling her I love her.  The Boy understands. He lives in a world when there could

One Week of Elf on The Shelf

Isabella, our Elf on a Shelf, came to live with us one week ago. {You can see her  debut here .} She sure has provided us with a lot of smiles and a few giggles in the past week.  Wednesday, Isabella was found on the kitchen table making snowflakes out of q-tips.  Thursday, we found her hanging from the entryway chandelier in her new skirt. Friday, she was hungry. Syrup is one of the Elf's four major food groups. Saturday, Isabella got a little mischievous.  Guilt written all over her face, we caught her nearly red handed marking up our family photos. By the way, The Short Chic did not think this was funny one bit.  She nearly cried when she saw her photo. She said, "Isabella, that was a really good picture of me!" God made Sunday's for rest and relaxation. So, Isabella decided to soak in a marshmallow bath. The Boy found this less than humorous as he had no way to brush his teeth! Monday, Isabella caught up on her sleep. All this travelin

I Have Cried A Million Tears

The first boy that I ever willfully kissed was a boy named Shannon. We were in junior high. I was spending the night with my friend Jamie and we were hanging out on her porch roof. I remember him looking tan. Or at least tanner than I have ever been.  And he had thick dark hair. In high school, our lockers where next to each other. Nearly every day between classes, he use to turn himself sideways so that he could block me from getting into my locker. His family nicknamed him "Fri". {We thought it was because of the Fry Gang from McDonald's but he would tell me years later that he had that nickname long before McDonald's marketing.} I can still hear the jingle. Oh, what a sense of humor he had! While we never really dated, we were super close. {I would say the same thing about nearly everyone I went to high school with. You just don't go to a small school and not make lifelong connections}. I have always held a place in my heart for him. He was so personable.