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Tour of Missouri: Crowder State Park

It has become somewhat of a tradition to go camping over Father's Day Weekend. This year we traveled but stayed close to home. We visited Crowder State Park in Trenton, Missouri about one and half hours north of Kansas City. On Father's Day Weekend, the men folk get to decide our menu and get to sit around like kings. We also look the other way when they make questionable fashion choices. The Husband decided it was okay to wear three different types of camo at the same time!  Crowder State Park is a short ten minutes east of Jamesport, Missouri which is home to an Amish community. After breakfast on Saturday, we drove over and enjoyed shopping in the Amish stores: giant cinnamon rolls, horse drawn carriages, preserved fruits and vegetables, and who can resist sleeping kittens. In addition to the Amish stores, we also visited many local antique stores. I have been looking for a vintage fly fishing rod for a while and I am happy to say I found one.I have not done any

Golden Birthday

I love birthday celebrations! They have long been important to me and as you might have already guessed, I go to long lengths to celebrate birthdays with my children. Speaking of birthday's: this lovely lady had her Golden Birthday this week. Prior to this week, I am not sure I knew what a Golden Birthday was. Is this a new thing? Did we celebrate them when I was growing up and I am the only one who did not know?   A Golden Birthday is apparently when you are as many years old as the day of your birth. So, this lady turned 18 on the 18th.  I guess I had a Golden Birthday. It would have been when I was 10. I am going to make an educated guess that my Momma did not know about Golden Birthday's either.  I am sorry to say that The Short Chic, already had her Golden Birthday. (Hopefully The Princess party I threw for her will compensate for the lack of a Golden Birthday!  The Boy can still celebrate his. He has a few more years to wait.  Is it bad parenting to c

Plans for Summer 2015

 The heat of summer has arrived in my area. It took so long to arrive, I was beginning to questions its existence. Within days we went from mid 70's to nearly triple digit temperatures. I like the heat. I hate the heat. No, wait, I like it... sometimes. It is definitely a love hate relationship with the heat. The rain continues to visit us. We are having the most difficult baseball season. I heard a rumor the baseball league has had to reschedule 400 baseball games this summer. That is a lot of missed baseball! Our yard and flowers love the rain. Everything here is so green. I wonder how long that will continue now that the heat has arrived. We have an active summer planned.  It is so hard to balance all the fun things going on in the summer with rest and relaxation. Luckily for us the Graduation Party forced us to get many of our summer projects done early. We did some landscaping, some mudjacking, and some deep house cleaning. Two areas that did not get organized before th