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Hidden Mickey's at Walt Disney Word

We have recently gotten into an aspect of Disney culture. No, it is not trading pins, although The Short Chic did start begging for those this trip.  We have recently become addicted to finding Hidden Mickey's! In case you have no idea, a Hidden Mickey's is a representation of Mickey that has been placed subtly in a place that you are not expecting it. It is not the primary point of reference but if you are looking closely it grabs you! If you are lucky you can be looking at one thing and suddenly find a Mickey. Let me show you! The first example of a Hidden Mickey actually came from the Disney show: Once Upon a Time. Are you watching this show? We just binged watched it on Netflix and I can say that we are totally hooked! During Season 3 as the opening credits were rolling, I spied this Hidden Mickey. The second example was found on our first day we were at Disney World. If you look around long enough while visiting Epcot's The Seas with Nemo and Friends aqua

FrankenMickey Cheese Ball

I have Disney on the brain! I could blame it on the fact that we just returned from our latest Disney vacation with six of our friends. But the truth is, I almost always have Disney on the brain! One of my Disney Dreams is to spend a night in Cinderella's castle. It is my understanding you can't rent the  room but Disney will grant an overnight stay to contest winners. Upon the heels of our Disney vacation and first time we have ever attended Mickey's Not So Spooky Halloween party, Disney announced a contest and guess what the grand prize is? YES, a stay in Cinderella's castle!! I had two inspirations for this cheese ball. First, I was inspired by all the Mickey shaped food we ate on our vacation. Second, I was inspired by the t-shirts my friend Angie and I made for our vacation crew to wear on the day we attended the Mickey's Not So Spooky Halloween Party. Cheese Ball 16 ounces cream cheese, softened 1/4 cup mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon

My Ice Princess

The cold may not have bothered the most famous Ice Queen but it will certainly bother my Ice Princess.  The weather in our state is unpredictable at the end of October. Occasionally we get a perfect fall evening but typically we get cold and wet.  Which does not work well with a sheer costume.   In an attempt to keep my Ice Princess warm on Halloween night, I asked my Mother-in-law's help to make a cape out of heavier material.  I purchased a yard and a half of fleece. We kept the length long so it would drag behind her just the way Queen Elsa's does. My mother-in-law folded the material over at the top and ran thick elastic to cause a gather.  She tacked down the top of the gather to keep it out of her face. She then added metalic silver trim to the front edges and a sparkly silver and rhinestone snowflake button. A hook and eye closure keeps the cape in place and keeps my Ice Princess hands free! Hopefully this cape will help her not be bothered by co

Our City is So Blue

Fall is a beautiful time of the year to visit my hometown. The trees turn amazing and brilliant colors. Some are red, others are yellow, we even get gold and orange and most shades in-between. But this year another color is dominating our fall.   Every where you look you can't help but see it. It certainty stands out  among the "normal" shades of fall. The color I speak about is Blue.   Our entire city is blue! In case you have been living in a cave, have been on vacation outside the USA, or your lost your smart phone and are totally disconnected to the world I should say that our hometown team, The Kansas City Royals are playing in The World Series! We had a long standing history of being the worst team in baseball. We had a shining moment 29 years ago. We won the World Series back then. Most in the past decade, The Royals were more likely to end the season in the bottom of the standings not the top. We have learned to love our Royals despite their perform

Disney World's Wilderness Lodge

We just returned from our Disney vacation. We spent 7 days at The Magic Kingdom in Florida where we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge Villa's.  Our friend owns a time share through The Wilderness Lodge and he sold us his points for the week. The Wilderness Lodge is a short boat ride to the Magic Kingdom. We took the Magical Express bus from Orlando International Airport to The Wilderness Lodge. The bus ride was easy and comfortable and for our viewing enjoyment we passed the half hour trip watching an advertisement of all Disney World Parks has to offer.   From the moment we landed to the moment we were dropped off outside the lodge we were taken care of and stress-free!  The Lobby of the Wilderness Lodge was made to resemble a grand log cabin. You could find wooden totem poles, Native American head-dresses, and comfortable sitting groups. The second we entered the lobby, I knew I had seen it before. Only different. Yellowstone National Park's Old Faithful

Tour of Missouri: Kansas City Fountains

Kansas City is known for many things: jazz music, barbecue, and fountains. Kansas City is actually known as the "city of fountains" second only to Paris, France.  I have wanted to do a fountain tour for some time but finding time in our busy summer schedule has always been difficult. Finally we had a down weekend and with a couple of lunch visits, I made it happen.  I found a self-guided tour guide on the internet developed by the City of Fountain Foundation. The guide list 32 fountains. I invited a few of our friends to join us and we set off to see as many of the fountains as possible.  1. The Northland Fountain North Oak Trafficway and Vivion Road The kids knew and recognized this one. It is most popular during winter as it is on the only fountain that is kept on during the winter months creating a large magical ice formation. The kids also knew that the fountains are colored twice each year: blue in April for Go Blue Day (kick off to Child Abuse Prevention M