Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Radiation and Macrobiotics

Today is Day 8 of radiation. So far, I have had few side effects. Food still taste like food and I am enjoying eating. The Doctor said since my taste has lasted this long, I might not lose it. That was the second best news he has given me.

I have noticed my neck becoming more red. It does not hurt like a sunburn but I would say the radiation burn has started. I am tired, still. I nap almost everyday.  And, today, like a light switch, my throat started hurting. I noticed it as I ate lunch. It felt like I had swallowed too large of a bite of food without chewing. But then I noticed every swallow was like that.

I realize this road is nearing stage 2 completion but I keep having this nagging thought; how in the world can I prevent this from happening to me again? This question has lead me to studying macrobiotics. One of the books I have started reading poses this question to the readers, "how free are you within your own body?".

This one question has summed up how I have been feeling. Cancer takes away your freedom. It forces you to play by a different set of rules. It can ultimately end your life. Change may be necessary. I have known that for a while. Sure giving up Diet Coke was easy when it tasted badly, but every day I make a decision not to drink it. I am not sure what road  this macrobiotics will lead me on, but other changes are coming. I can feel it.

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