Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet my Lymphoma

You would think with your neck growing, you would recognize a problem quickly. But in all honestly, I just thought I was getting fat. {I have gained weight over the years.} Because of my weight gain, I just don't like photos of myself. Now I have to wonder, how much of this was weight gain or my neck was growing with cancer?

These are photos of me one month prior to diagnosis. I hated them because I looked super fat in them.

It is highly visible.  I wonder if it had been in a different part of my body if I would have noticed it or how big it would have gotten.

This photo was taken in April at my birthday. Four months before diagnosis. I don't know, is it there? I think it might be. Much smaller. But I think I see it. Or am I making it up? Second guesses is all I have now.

The oncologist tells me that as soon as I start chemo this lump will quickly go down.

So with the help of my kid brother, meet my Lymphoma!

My cancer is on the right side of my neck. You can clearly see the biopsy site. It is still healing.

From the back it all looks lumpy.

From the back. You can see one side is bigger than the other.

There you have it. My lymphoma. My cancer. My beast.

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