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Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter! This was a quiet one for us. The Boy had a community service project for a leadership class at college and could not come home. It was just the three of us. Brisket was on sale at our local grocery store so our dear friend purchased a whole brisket. The Husband volunteered to smoke it for her (and one for us). He just got a new smoker and has been anxious to try it out.  I made some homemade mac and cheese, roasted asparagus, and maple garlic roasted carrots. It was the perfect Easter meal. For the past several years we have been having Easter Scavenger Hunts. We started off drawing photos because The Short Chic could not read yet. Each year we have gotten a little more challenging.   We had so much fun with the scavenger hunt this year that we decided to keep playing with it and made this video. Hope you enjoy it!