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Tour of Missouri: Ha Ha Tonka State Park

It took forever but I believe that spring has finally sprung in my part of the world. Warmer weather means we finally get to crawl out of our cocoons and start exploring once again. My family and I have set out to explore parts of our great state that we never have visited before. We are turning to our own state parks and other natural resources for entertainment. It is our summer goal to earn a Missouri Camper Award, bike The Katy Trail, and complete the 100 Missouri Miles campaign. To be eligible for the Missouri Camper Award you have to camp at five different state parks in one year. We currently have four of the five trips lined up. The Katy Trail is a 237.7 mile path from Clinton, Missouri to St. Charles, Missouri. It is a former railroad trail that has since been converted to biking/hiking path. From what I gather, it has amazing views that are only visible from the path. Finally, the 100 Missouri Miles campaign just started it's second year.  Missouri was the winner

Happy Easter and "Not Quite From Scratch" Carrot Cake

  Happy Easter Friends! We ran around completely crazy yesterday: Church Easter Egg Hunt followed by Family Easter Dinner, followed by a sleepover for The Short Chic. With the Short Chic away, we enjoyed a rare night out at a fancy restaurant south of the river, and then ended our night with a near midnight trip to the store to avoid shopping on Easter.    My hope for Easter day was a low key day at home. My mother and a brother joined us. My Father-in-Law stopped by. I had envisioned a leisurely day at home with the windows open, the spring breeze blowing in, and lounging in my outdoor living space.   The Husband fired up the old smoker for the first time this year. He smoked ribs, chicken, and brat's. I made deviled eggs out of our Easter Eggs and my momma brought up some cheesy potatoes. I also felt  a carrot cake was the most perfect dessert for this Easter.  I have come to realize something about myself. I am a semi-homemade kinda mom. I love to create yummy

A Kansas City Geography Lesson

My home town has been in the news lately: Yes, someone is driving around our city shooting at cars. The good news, the police made an arrest before anyone was seriously injured.  Who knew Lorde loved George Brett?  And of course, Miley Cryus was hospitalized here in Kansas City since she cancelled her show on April 15. Miley tweeted this message the night she got sick: As soon as I saw it, I heard the nails dragging down the chalkboard. Really? Once again, a celebrity shows their complete and utter lack of knowledge about Midwestern geography.  I recognize that it is not just celebrities. Almost every visiting sports team references how they are going to "beat Kansas!" I attended a football game in Denver many years ago. The Denver Bronco's were playing The Kansas City Chiefs. A fan stood up and hollered out, "Go back to Kansas!"   Even my beloved Miss Medical Student asked, "What is there to do in Kansas?" when she was about