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Happy New Year!

We have said good-bye to 2011 and hello to 2012. It is a bittersweet day for me. Happiness because the year is new. New things always bring such a sense of hope and I have that for our new year. I believe strongly in traditions and today is no different. I served up black eyed peas to the family today hoping they bring us good luck. We have talked a lot about new goals, great memories we want to remember, and things we hope to learn from and not repeat. Sadness today because Miss Medical Student leaves in a few short hours to head back to her life in medical school. Those two weeks went by so fast, you would have thought we were in a Jimmy John's commercial. I hate it that she is so far away. But I also know that this is what it takes to become great. You have to make personal sacrifices. It is time for her to do great things! In years to come and I reflect back on this holiday season I am going to remember all the time she and I spent in the kitchen. Who knew that we h

First Anniversary

One year ago today, I became a survivor. One year ago today, I finished treatment for Cancer. They told me when I finished chemotherapy that 3% of patients will have a failure of chemotherapy in the first year. Every three months for the past year I have been poked.I have been left with massive bruises in the name of follow up testing. And the results? I made it! My body has been cancer-free for one year. The doctor says that 75-80% of patients who have a second round of Cancer will do so within the first two years. So...I still must be seen once every three months for the next year. I will have CAT scans at six months and two years. My doodle? Isn't it great!! The ever-talented Melisa made it for me to celebrate my one year. The lime green is the designated color of Lymphoma and the purple is the color given to survivors.  I am honestly hoping Melisa will do a few guest post for me in 2012 and you all can get to know her creative side (and maybe if she gets enough love

Gingerbread Houses and a Black-Eye

We made Gingerbread Houses this year, first time ever. We did not make the home made kind, that would require me knowing what I was doing. We bought the kind that come in a box and includes all you will need to make them.  Of course, I bought them last year on clearance and have stored them for the entire year. No amount of kneading was going to revive those frosting packs. I threw them in the trash and whipped up my own royal icing.  The Master's family came over. The Short Chic and Little Mess promptly cracked the roof of their house. Try and she might, Miss Medical Student could not repair it. She did however, do a pretty nice job of hiding it.  The gumdrops held their little attention for a few moments. They enjoyed making the roof. Since the candy was a year old, we had to make a rule: no eating the candy.  I used some cereal to make a straw roof for my house. Miss Mess decided she would help me. I had to be careful in what tasks I would give her. (I saw what

Christmas Eve Brunch

We parents have a lot to juggle over the holiday season. Shopping, cooking, wrapping, decorating, juggling parents/in-laws/kids schedules, holiday parties, out of town guest. It can be very overwhelming. But, we divorced parents juggle like only another divorced parent understands. We do all the same preparation stuff and more. We have to coordinate our schedules with someone else. Pick-up times. Coordinate gifts.  Holiday celebrations must be planned months in advance because they have to be shared. Every year, I alternate the holiday season with my ex-husband. One year The Boy spends the time up to Christmas Eve with me and then the time from Christmas Eve to New Years with his dad. Then the next year, we flop it.  This year was my pre-Christmas time. I use to be the only divorced person in my immediate family who had to juggle such a schedule. Now, my brother and sister-in-law are in the same boat.  We were fortunate enough that we all got our children for Christmas Eve. So, I

The Countdown to Christmas

It has been a few days since I posted. I have been busy celebrating the Christmas Holiday. Miss Medical Student arrived her via Frontier airlines late Monday. Since then we have really pushed ourselves. Tuesday we had The Short Chics Christmas party at her day care. Then we spent the rest of the day finishing our shopping. The Short Chic making her craft project at the Christmas party. Relay race game to help Frosty get his parts! Oh and another game: "Santa where is your sled?" The Short Chic loved this game and was so into it! Wednesday, we baked. Finally! I baked!! Take a look at some of the yummy treats we have to share with our loved ones. Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes with Peanut Buttercream frosting Sugar cookies.  Oreo Truffles Pinwheels. This were inspired off of Pinterest. I am not going to lie, I had a very hard time getting them to look right. Thursday, why does yesterday seem so long ago? Maybe because I have no

Miss Emily Elizabeth

 This is my kitty. I named her Miss Emily when I got her in the spring of 1994. Miss Emily  was not her first name. A coworker of mine had never had cats before so she got two. She did not realize how nocturnal cats where. So she planned to give them to a shelter. I could not take both, but I selected her. Her name then was Kitty. Later, after The Boy started Kindergarten, he added a middle name. Her name became Miss Emily Elizabeth. Then my husband came along. He called her McKitty. After The Short Chic came along, she just called her Kitty. I think it is ironic how her name came full circle.  She walked funny because she broke her leg when she was a mere kitten. The vet could not see the break on the x-ray so it was never set. She loved to sleep with me. If I opened a can of tuna she came running. She loved the smell of it. I also let her lick my cereal and ice cream bowls. She also loved to drink water straight from the faucet. She tolerated two little kids: The Boy and The

How Hallmark Broke My Christmas Heart

Hallmark has broken my heart. Maybe even damaged a bit of my soul.  {YES, it sounds dramatic, but please read on to understand why!} My love for Hallmark started years ago when I was about 19-20 years old.  I was dating a boy who had invited me home with him for the holidays. He also happened to be moving from Texas to Missouri at the end of our holiday vacation and I was going to drive home with him.  His Momma gave him a box full of Christmas ornaments from Hallmark that she had been collecting for him for years. Since he was born. Two decades of memories that he cherished so much. I found it endearing. And I made a mental note that I would start a tradition when I had children. Well, my own kids came years later. But that year, I was blessed with a late-in-life baby brother. And I started his ornament collection. He got the "My First Christmas" ornament. At the same time, I found a super cool Star Trek ornament that my Dad would get a kick out of. Just like tha

Hand Made Gifts: Tutu Ornaments

My  Short Chic is turning into a little dancer. To thank the dance teachers for their help, we decided to make them a little gift for Christmas. A tutu ornament. Supplies needed: Tulle. I selected black, white and hot pink. The pink and white both have glitter {I have been walking around for the past four days with glitter all over me!}. Glass Ornaments that coordinate with your tulle. Some kind of string {I used stretch magic}. And some super glue. Step 1: Cut  the tulle.  I learned, from trial and error, that my cell phone was roughly the right size. So, I used it as a template for cutting the tulle.   Step 2: Tie the tulle to the string. Using a simple slip knot, tie the tulle onto the string {or Stretch Magic}. I think I used about 40 loops per ornament. Step 3:  Adhere it to the Ornament. I do not have a photo of this step. But simply, you take some super glue and glue the tutu ring to the ornament.  FINISHED!  Once the glue is dried, you