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Life Goes on....and It's Birthday Season

Family planning is not something my family understood. If we did we might have spaced our birthdays out throughout the year. But, seeing how do not understand it, we started birthday season this month. Over the next four months, we will celebrate seven birthdays! Fourteen years ago, I was in a hospital in Denver, Colorado, and had just spent my first twenty-four hours being a new mom! On so many levels, that seems like a lifetime ago. On a cold, Saturday morning, we drove to the hospital and delivered a baby boy by 4:30 p.m. on January 25, 1997. We spent two days in the hospital and brought that baby boy home on Super Bowl Sunday. How appropriate that has always seemed to me since that baby boy has grown in the largest sports fan I have ever seen.  We had a small family dinner last night for his birthday. This Saturday we will have an extended family dinner at one of Jacob's favorites, Japanese Steakhouse. He is having an actual birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday. Those who know