Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Day Before

Tomorrow I start Chemotherapy. As many of you know, Chemotherapy is a group of medications that are like poison. They will kill my unhealthy cells. BUT, as Chemo does not know the difference between unhealthy and healthy cells, it will kill all fast growing cells.  The Doctor told me to think of the body and all the things that grow quickly on it. (Hair, my imune system, mucas membranes, and the inside of my mouth will all be impacted). And it will make me sick. Isn't it sad that in order to get better, I must get sick.

Today I am anxious.  I am tearful. I am full of dread. I am even scared. This is one time in my life I would like to flip to the last chapter of this book and read it.

I am spending the day with my family. The boy comes home later tonight. I plan to have a quiet day because tomorrowI start Chemotherapy.

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  1. I will be thinking about you! You are strong!!! I believe you will make it through this. Love and prayers!