Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Hair Growth Journey

Simoney over at Greatfun4kids just keeps teaching me new things! She taught me how to make a photo collage for my blog! Thank you Thank you Thank you Simoney!!

My collage...my hair growth journey. As most of you know, I am Cancer Survivor, although a new Survivor. I am 5 months into remission. My hair is growing out.  My best friend suggested that I should photograph my hair once a week. I have been taking photos since Christmas.

Some days I get a little sad at how long it is taking for it to grow. On those days, I simply look back at photos of my hair and I am reminded that I have come a long way.

I was pretty bald on Christmas Day. I stopped wearing a head wrap the second week in January. Today, my hair is curly, dark, and at times unruly. BUT, I have hair and I have never lost sight of the fact I am happy to once again have it. I no longer look sick. I have been told I look like one of those trendy girls who makes fashion statements with a bold hair cut. I like that. Let's let them continue to think that!


  1. I think you look beautiful. Beautiful and strong.
    --deb t.

  2. Deb,
    Thank you! I am so happy you were able to post a comment!
    You have been one of my rocks and I appreciate it so much. Thank you!!

  3. Hi Pamela!
    I love the collage and the idea of photographing your hair growth. Thank you for sharing:-)

  4. I was talking to a lady once who had extremely short hair, it was awsome and bold. I told her I could never be that brave and cut my hair that short, and hers looked great. She starred at me for a moment....smiles, and said she had cancer. I told her to keep it that short because she looked so good and confident!

  5. Your short hair looks totally awesome on you - love the curl in it!

  6. I agree with all the other commenters. It does look great! I have a lot of people telling me to keep my hair short as I wear it well, but to be honest I can't wait to have my old length back!