Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pravana BioJen 9

 We all love to hear nice things, especially about ourselves. A thank you will go a long way in this ungrateful world.  Praise for a job well done often keeps up motivated to keep going when things get are not going so well.  So if we as individuals enjoy praise, why wouldn't a company like to hear it?

That was my thought when I looked up Pravana and sent them an email. Ihave been so pleased with how well this product has worked at helping me grow my hair back. And it seems to be working quickly! So I wanted the company to know, they have a believer and a faithful consumer in the middle of the USA!

What happened next, shocked me. The company was very  happy to hear from me. They asked permission to use my testimonial and offered to send me more product (whether I said yes to the tutorial or not).
I was so excited to come home and find a package from Pravana in the mail today!

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