Saturday, October 16, 2010


WOW! This week has blown me away. I hit the two-thirds finished mark when I got the chemo bag disconnected on Wednesday. I know to all of you, four under my belt and two left sounds like a walk in the park, but from where I am sitting, it still sounds like a lifetime.

The chemo effects are definitely stronger and more severe, probably why I say two sessions still sounds like a lifetime. I have been super nauseated and major digestive issues. I have lost six pounds since Monday. I credit that to the fact that I can't stand the smell of food, can't stand the taste of it, nor can I really stand to look at it.

Today I went to the doctors office to get the Neupogen shot. The nurse almost made me sick when she was flushing my lines with Heparin. So, she insisted I try some IV anti-nausea medication.  They gave me 4 oz. of some medication and it totally changed my world today. I came home, took a nap, and woke up feeling as normal as I have felt in weeks. Even now as I type, I feel good. 

As I woke from nap today, a PSA was on the TV. It was one from the American Cancer Society. They have a new campaign, More Birthdays. So the commercial I caught has Usher singing "It's Your Birthday."  There are 11 million survivors of Cancer celebrating their birthday's this year. I found the PSA's touching and tear provoking. Maybe because the message is so close to my heart right now. I hope you get a chance to check out the PSA's. If you do not like Usher, according the AMC's website, many other artist have volunteered their talent for the campaign as well.

Contrary to last night, when I laid on the couch all day and night praying that the smell of lasagna would not find its way to me, we got out of the house tonight and went to dinner. Thanks to those IV medicines, I actually ate a meal tonight! And my, oh my it was yummy!

So, please say some prayers that I continue to feel this okay tomorrow. Our house is a mess and I am hopeful to get some of it cleaned.

Thank you all for your continued support, love, and prayers. We are getting there.

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