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Another complication

I have made no secrets that the catheter was not my favorite part of this journey. Although I do recognize the need for the catheter, it delivers my chemo drugs that are too strong/too much for my veins. This morning I woke up excited to be going to my mother's house today. Wayne was going to spend the day fishing and the girls were heading to Jamesport to do a little shopping.  After getting dressed and almost ready to walk out the door I realize my entire shirt is wet, soaking wet to be exact. There was blood everywhere and it was still coming out of the catheter site.

I immediately began putting pressure on it, we called the doctor oncall, and then I noticed a lot of the tubing was outside my body. Wayne and I headed to the emergency room. There I had a chest x-ray and by the time the surgeon came into our room, none of the tubing was connected to the body, my body.

Now, while I am happy that I can shower like a normal person today, tomorrow and Monday, I a bit saddened by this news. I have to have a catheter to administer the chemo drugs. So, I will be back in surgery the beginning of next week to have my second catheter put in.

It is more of the frustration. I expect the chemo to kick my butt but not every small step along the way. Then on top of that, just when I think it is safe to plan life around the chemo schedule, it all changes. I have no idea what will happen now or when I will be able to get chemotherapy.


  1. Pam:

    I finally sat down and read your journey from the very beginning. I am so very sorry you are having to go through all of this; but, I know that you will get through it. I will add you to my daily prayers and pray that this ordeal draws you closer and closer to God.

    Keep asking Him for help. I'll keep checking in.

    Have a good rest of the weekend!

    Your friend in Ludlow, Missouri -Stanton

  2. That is a bummer. Sorry to hear about the trouble with the cath. I am not sure what I can do except pray that things get easier and better for you. Hang in there...

  3. Oh Pammie, I'm so sorry you are having to deal with so many obstacles :( (I hope you don't mind I just called you "Pammie")

    Please know we are praying for you everyday and you will make it through, cancer-free! love, Melissa

  4. Stanton, thank you! I am taking all prayers right now!!

    Jennifer, thank you too!

    Melissa, you can call me Pammie any time!

  5. I'm thinking about you. I know this is trying and frustrating and not remotely right. You're a strong, determined lady who WILL come through it all with grace. You are much loved, my friend.


  6. Pam, that just isn't like it isn't difficult enough, as is. I ran into Lori at Costco yesterday and we caught up a bit. I have no doubt you will kick this thing...and you know me, I wouldn't say if I didn't mean it! ~k


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