Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not quite right

This week has been a tough one. Up to this point, in between treatments I have been able to bounce back to 100% and feel as good and strong as I have ever felt. Feeling strong and "normal" in  between treatments gives me motivation to head right back in there on treatment day and do it all over again.

But this past week, I never reached that 100%. At my best I peaked between 75-80%.  Maybe it is because of the cumulative effect of chemotherapy. The more doses I have done, the more poison that is in my system. Or maybe it is the effect of daily Neupogen. I have had 27 shots of Neupogen since my first dose of chemotherapy.  Or maybe it is a fall cold that is plaguing my body. I developed a cough a week ago and it persist. In fact the doctor just prescribed a Z-pac just in case the cough was turning into bronchitis. Most likely it is a combination of all three things with the end result...I am dreading Monday morning.  

Monday is dose number 4, the official end of round 2. (I know I posted earlier that I was done with round 2 but I misposted. I had just started round 2.)  The optimistic person inside of me says YEAH, that means I will be 2/3 finished with this process. But right now, I just want to scream, NO, please do not make me feel any worse than this!

Before I got sick I had planned to attend Creating Keepsakes Convention that comes to Kansas City every second weekend in October. Then I got sick and did not feel like I could commit time and money to attending something when I did not know how I would feel. So even at 75-80% I drove out the KCI Expo Center yesterday and purchased only 2 tickets. Today I will be sitting through 2 classes (the two I wanted to attend more than anything!!). I might not have been able to do two days worth of classes, or both crops but I will make it to CKC and I will be attending the Latest and Greatest with Basic Grey!! That brings a small bit of cheer into my world.

Of course all of that, after I get my daily Neupogen shot!

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