Thursday, June 30, 2011

Six Months!

I checked into Cancer-World this week.

I hate checking in there! Even though I appear healthy and feel healthy, you just never know what is going on inside the body. There is so much stress about checking in. First of all, you are scared witless that something might me found. Then there is the stress of do all of your test one day and wait for several days to find out the results.

Monday morning, The Boy went with me to the hospital for my testing. I had to take three test; Lab work on 2 different CAT scans. The Lab work went smoothly, but three viles full of blood is  a lot!  I hate the paperwork. I use to be able to say NO to all the history questions. Besides weighing too much, I have always been healthy. Not any longer...Now I have to say YES.

My first shock of the morning was when we hit the radiology department and they brought me out TWO glasses of liquid to drink. I am not sure what type of contrast they mixed with a very diluted fruit punch mix but I had to gulp down about 30 ounces of weak fruit punch liquid.

That is all in addition to the water I drank that morning. As I have expressed here several times, I have very bad veins. Getting an IV in, is not fun for me or the nursing staff. Miss Medical Student gave me great tips for for things that will help me and I followed all of them. I had drank a good 32 ounces of water before I even got to the appointment!

I actually suffered through two attempts to find a vein. To her credit, she did find a vein the first time, but the valves would not open to let her in.

It took two days for the bruising to show up.

Anyway, I met with the doctor today and he informs me that all of my blood levels are good.  So are my scans. There was no evidence of the tumor in my original site or anywhere else in my neck, chest, abdomen, or pelvic area.

Another green light. Next check-up September.


  1. Nice!! "C" is no match for you, Pamela!

  2. Congrats getting through it with a clean slate!

  3. Congrats! Keep up the good work.

  4. That is awesome! Great job!

  5. That is so wonderful to read! Yay!!

  6. Great news, enjoy the 4th.

  7. Awesome news Pam and I'm happy things are going great!!

  8. I am soo glad that you are back to your old self.