Monday, September 13, 2010

Hair Loss

My Hair Loss started this past week, maybe six days after I started chemo. I thought it would take longer.

 While I hate this before photo, I went ahead and posted it. You can see how thin my hair was becoming by looking at my part. 

Each day more and more hair fell out. A handful here and there really adds up. I can also say I had not anticipated that losing my hair would hurt. But it did. A lot. The best way I can describe it is to remember when you were a kid and your mom did your hair. And it was the tightest ponytail ever. Remember how you wore that ponytail all day long and when you got home and took it out, your head tingled at the release of the pressure? Well, that is how the scalp feels all the time when your hair is dying. 

I would just rub and rub my scalp. And while I was rubbing it would feel better. But the moment I stopped it hurt again. 

It is a very powerless feeling to lose your hair. To know that it is dying and falling out faster than you imagined. I decided to take my fate into my own hands and cut it off short. The Husband does not own clippers so I had to call my hair stylist and she had me come to her home. 

 Thank you, Julie for taking care of me! I so appreciate it. And I am sorry to The Boy. I had no idea being there when I cut it off was so important to him, or I would not have done it without him.

My new "I have Cancer" hair. At least for now. It is still falling as I type. At least the hair is much smaller now.


  1. Pamela!! it is darling! wow, short hair looks really great on you!!

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  3. its megs....I love you and it looks really great! I am hear for you! Loves and Hugs, megs

    PS - you're rocking it!

  4. You look awesome. So beautiful inside and out. I think short hair looks really good on you. Once the treatments are over and it starts growing back you should consider a short style.

    More prayers coming your way....

  5. Pamela,
    Wow, You look beautiful! I agree with the others, short hair looks GREAT on you. Can't wait to see the wig. Lots of Love!!
    Lori Smith

  6. Oh sweetie you look great!! Sending many thoughts and prayers your way!! The blog page you've created is soo adorable (and loving the tunes);) You have amazing strength! Love ya girl!!