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Tammy's Disney Side

I am not the only person I know showing their Disney Side. A few of my friends have recently shown their Disney Side. In honor of Disney’s latest campaign, “Show Your Disney Side” and @Home Celebrations, I am showing a few other celebrations I have recently been a part of. You can show your at . This lady had a birthday this week. We celebrated in the office by doing a “Week of Birthday”. She got a small gift every day of the week. On Monday she was given a simple roll of Mickey Mouse Duct Tape. {Have you checked out all the cool patterned Duct Tape available?} Along with the Duct Tape, I sent her this link to make your own Duct Tape Wallet. How To Make a Duct Tape Wallet She went home that night and made a Mickey Mouse Duct Tape Wallet. I have never seen someone so excited over a roll of tape! In addition to Mickey Mouse party lights on Tuesday when Tammy came to work she found hanging above her cubical a bunch of Mickey Mouse Decoratio

My Disney Side

As the Midwest is bracing ourselves for another round of winter weather, I find myself dreaming of warmer weather and longer days. Every time I walk outside and feel the bitter sting of the cold air on my skin, I mentally visit my happy place. Do you have a happy place? Mine is Disney World.  Or Disneyland. I don't discriminate between the two. They both make me happy! I have been doing a lot of Disney Dreamin'  this winter. It is my personal coping skill to deal with the bitter cold.  Disney's new campaign is underway. They are asking people to connect and show their Disney Side. We hosted a party last week to celebrate our Disney Side and to do a little planning for our upcoming visit to Disney World in October.  The Disney Vacation Planning DVD sure did help us with our planning and helped everyone reminisce about their trips to Disney and get excited about the next one. Do you need to plan a Disney Vacation? Let  help you! One of the thin