Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Milestone: DONE

I finished the 12 radiation session on the entire neck yesterday. It could not have come at a better time. I am tired of drinking my meals. Did Oprah really lose all that weight drinking shakes? Of course she did. I am just not sure how she could do it day in/day out for months!  My mouth has so many sores inside it that I could scream (well if my throat did not hurt so badly)! The Doctor says the boost sessions, those to just my right side, will provide relief to my throat. He also explained that he is coming up higher on the right side of my throat than the left, hence the sores on my right jaw line. He has given me two days off treatment this week. The office is closed Friday for Christmas Eve and he has suspended my treatment on Thursday also. This will allow my throat and mouth a four day weekend to heal.

For those keeping track, I will finish radiation next Thursday, December 30, 2010.

The Doctor has prescribed me a mouthwash commonly called Magic Mouthwash. The is stronger than Chloraseptic but it numbs the mouth and throat like Chloraeseptic. My problem with the Magic Mouthwash is it is a thick pink drink. It gags me something fierce  to swish and swallow! BLEECK! So my new strategy is to eat a small meal of soft foods and take very tiny bites. 

My prayer, please let my throat be better by Christmas. I would really enjoy eating.

So, I will close with a Wayne story. I am sure he hates these! But, he gives me good stuff to write about. Since I have been drinking my meals, I have not been too concerned with fixing dinner. Wayne came home last night belly growling hungry. I am sure he was upset I had given absolutely NO thought to dinner. So, he suggest going out to eat. I agree. We pack up and head out. On the way out he suggest Chinese food. Well, already a bad idea in my book because I am limited to soup there.  But, soup is better than another shake so I agree. He passes up my first favorite Chinese restaurant. Then he turns to quickly for the second favorite Chinese restaurant. So I ask him, "Where are we going?" and he tells me to a buffet! Really??? I can only eat soup at the entire place and he chooses to take us to a buffet because he is so hungry he does not want to wait for food to be prepared. Well, I will tell you all, I ate 3 bowls of soup and the nice people at the restaurant only charged me a kids meal price. Wayne got lucky on that one.

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  1. You're right, Pam - you're blessed.
    Happy Holidays!
    -deb t.