Sunday, April 17, 2016

Papa Nacho

Song lyrics can be so personal, often speaking to the unspoken parts of our heart and soul. They also can be the source of some really funny moments when they are misunderstood. In fact, some of our most favorite commercials have been made over this idea. 

The moment The Boy learned that the Queen's song "We Will Rock You" said...

You got blood on yo' face
You big disgrace
Wavin' you banner all over the place

and not ...

Wavin' your bladder all over the place

is one The Husband and I will never forget. 

The Boy describes this moment as his "all time low!"  At the time, all he could say was it made so much more sense. Seriously,  this moment  has provided The Husband and I with many moments of happiness over the year. 

This past weekend, The Short Chic spent the night with one of her friends. They played Just Dance to what The Short Chic called, "80's music." She started listing off some of the songs they danced along with, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" "Monster Mash" and "Papa Nacho." She identified "Papa Nacho" as her favorite.

You should be picturing The Husband and I scratching our heads at this point. Papa Nacho. Papa Nacho?

Calmly, The Husband and I both told her we were not familiar with the Papa Nacho song. She voluntarily started singing the song for us:

Where did you come from
Where did you go
Where did you come from
Papa Nacho

I am not sure she will describe it as her "all time lowest" moment but she is pretty embarrassed. However, some moments do deserve to live with us forever. This is one of them. Enjoy your chuckle!