Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chemo Round 1: Dose 2 Day 2

Today, I was home. Once again the steroids have caused another sleepless night. I think I cat napped from 1:30 to 3:00 and was then awake till about 7:00 a.m. The Husband put me to bed at 7:30 when the rest of the family headed out to go about their day. I have managed to sleep off and on all day. Thankfully!  I find the steroids frustrating. I felt good enough to be working today but I was so exhausted from the lack of sleep.

I am still attached to the pump, getting my two day dose of the A drug. I will say the new PICC line is much easier to maneuver than the old Groshong. This pump should finish about 12:30 tomorrow and then I will get a dressing change and be finished with it for another week and half.

My good friend Jen just called. She has been a saint! She stopped by last week with dinner for the family and her little boy got out of the truck to say hi. He saw the new PICC line and apparently told his Momma when they left my house that he no longer wanted to eat peas. He told his mom he was worried that if he ate peas they would grow tubes out of his arms like mine! How sweet are little kids!

While I was home today, I received an email from another Cancer Fighter. I know I am not the only person out there fighting this fight, Lord knows there are too many of us. I feel honored that this Fighter reached out to me to tell me here story. I know there are a million more of these out there. I wanted to share her email and her struggle.  I am going to include her in my prayers and would ask that you all do the same.

hi pam .. i love your blog.. i cant post though it wont let me.. but im also going through a fight with leukemia.. and i hate it..you hit the nail on the head when you talk about emotions and the chemo rooms and the dr. visits. they did a dna study on me and they said they have never even seen this type of leukemia but they said i have only a 5-10% chance of it recurring. i was diagnosed nov 7 and have had so much chemo.. i to have no hair.. but it grows back mine came in kinky curly and then after more chemo fell out. but your words are so true. i feel and know that god has healed me but every dr. visit scares me.. its like a ghost behind my back.. but i have vowed to live life to the fullest.. and my worst fear is leaving my children.. i have a 23 yr. old and a 20 yr old and they are self sufficient but i have a 15 yr old who needs. me. and it scares me.. i sometimes sit and cry and im like you talking about it and writing makes me feel better.. i will pray for you everyday.. your a strong lady and you will beat this.. it is sad because every time i turn around some one new has cancer.. it is scary.. when were you diagnosed.. and where did you get your cute do rags.. i have a port in my chest with 3 lovely little tubes that hang out.. and i flush them 2 times a day and i see you have a picc line.. they are much nicer.. 

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  1. Thanks for continuing to share your journey--and for sharing the struggles of another amazing human being!! Best wishes and hugs to both of you!! I have been in the dreaded treatment room with my sister. Please know that when you are there you are never alone--we are all there in spirit--traveling through those tubes to fight the fight with you! Tell your cells to keep up the great work!!! I wish you a restful night's sleep and an energy filled tomorrow! Love ya!