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Hosting A Glow Party

Recently, we hosted a Glow Party for our friends at our annual family camp-out . We had over 50 people attend ranging in age from a year old to 65 years old.  I am not kidding for one second, it was a blast! Somewhere between black lights, glow sticks, and killer play list every guest let go, relaxed, and had a great time. Creating a Glow Party is actually pretty easy. Here are my 6 simple steps to follow to help you create a Successful Glow Party!  1. Venue We had our glow party outside at a local state park. You may have your party in a house, or basement or even a party room.  The size of your venue will determine the type of size of your black lights.   2. Black Lights Black Lights are almost a necessity for a successful Glow Party. Small venue's need small lights but if you have a larger space, you will need larger lights. Imagine the disappointment if you are trying to use black light-bulbs in a large area. They will be too small to have an impact.  I

Exotics -R-Us

I have known Jenn K for a while now but I recently discovered a passion of hers. She loves educating people about animals and loves to share her passion for animals with others. Jenn K is a Wildlife Education Exhibitor and owns and operates Exotics-R-Us . She has a crew existing of  human helpers as well as phenomenal animals that make up Exotics-R-Us. Exotics-R-Us has been showing animals for a decade. You might have seen them at many local schools, hospitals, 4-H camps, local businesses, training's, retirement facilities, Boy Scout events, Girls Scout events, as well as fairs and festivals. They are even regulars at Mid-Continent Public Library educating young crowds about these animals and their care. I recently caught up with Jenn and her Exotics-R-Us crew at a private birthday party. At this party Exotics-R-Us brought nine different species of animals and ten total animals to the party. The animals are just as involved as the staff at Exotics-R-Us when deciding w

A Victory Parade for the Champions

The Kansas City Royals won The World Series this past weekend. Yes. They. Did. We were proud last year when our last place Royals came back and clinched a wild card ticket . They were the Cinderella story of baseball last year and fought their way to the World Series only to lose out in Game 7 to the San Francisco Giants.  We did not get discouraged. If you would have asked any Royals fan in Kansas City, we would have told you on Opening Day this past Spring that this was going to be our year. We had unfinished business. We took care of that business last weekend by finishing The World Series in five games and defeating The New York Mets. On Tuesday of this week, our city threw an amazing victory parade that an estimated 800,000 people attended. Schools closed for the day, employers allowed long lunches, college students missed classes, and even government offices closed. This championship has given something more than a giant trophy and bragging rights to our city. I