Monday, September 27, 2010

September Photos

Me, rockin' it out, at Chemo! Another look for me these days; hats. The Husband gave me this hat this past week. Also check out my new jewels! No, not medical jewels this time. I have a new necklace from Heidi Lou Designs! It is a photo of me and the kids back when I had hair.

Me, with my "new Mommy hair." {That is what The Short Chic calls it!} Is it sad that my fake hair is cuter than my real hair? Unfortunately, it is scratchy and hot to wear. Every time I venture out in public wearing it I look forward to getting in my car and pulling it off.

Oh how I miss my hair.


  1. You are rockin it! We need to have a "Hat off to Pam" day with the girls. On a side note, I forget about the music and it has scaried the mess out of me a couple of times. As my heart is pounding, I'm laughing because it's so funny!

  2. Hair or no hair--you are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the hat look on you. Not everyone can pull that off. And, the wig is amazing. But, really, my favorite is your smile! Keep up the great work! Love ya!