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Life Lesson #1: Harboring Resentment

Sometimes when I drive, I turn the radio off, place the cell phone in the backseat, and just think. On these moments, I feel like I am able to get in touch with some of the lessons I have learned along the way. These are things I want to say to my children. But, of course, I am their mom and they would never actually listen to me even if I tried to share this knowledge. So, my only hope is that if I put word to blog that one day when they realize I am not a crazy two-headed martian from another planet they might actually read my post and learn some thing from me.  So, welcome to my new series: Life Lessons.  Harboring Resentment In regards to this topic, I think there are two different types of people in this world. Those who harbor resentment and those who don't harbor it. The first group are those that got handed a bad hand at cards. They had a bad break and life did not go their way. The second group, well, they have also been handed a bad hand, have had their share

Who Loves You?

When my son was little we played a bedtime game. I called it "Who loves you?" To help The Boy unwind and transition from play to sleep I would ask him, "Who loves you?" He would start by naming the most obvious: "You" "Daddy" "Grandma" "Uncle Robert "Aunt Tracy" He would move through all of our family members and friends. Even our pets.  When we reached the end of his list he would roll on his side and fall fast asleep. This weekend my little boy, who by the way towers over me, turned 18 years old. Many of those who love him gathered together this weekend to celebrate with him. He chose to eat lunch at the restaurant were he works. Afterwards we came back home and celebrated with an ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. (Have you had one of their ice cream cakes? They are beyond amazing!) The Boy did not wait for me to cut the cake. He started eating it before I could even get a photo.

2015 Word of the Year: Accountability

Happy New Year Everyone! I don't know about you but for me every year since my big fight with Cancer has been a good one. I can't complain about how awful the year was. I am thankful to have experienced it.  With each new year, I normally make resolutions. Last year I said I was going to bike 500 miles and take a photo a day. The photo lasted about two weeks until I decided my life was too boring to take a daily photo. I did start biking. I ended up biking roughly half of my goal. I did great until I nearly got heat stroke on one leg of the Katy Trail .                                        My number one go-to resolution over the years has been to eat healthy, lose weight, become physically active, and even track my food intake.   Some years I have been more successful than others. One year The Husband and I actually made it three months before we fell apart. SNAP!  (a blog that I follow) has set about a new years challenge. They are challenging people t