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Conversation with a Five Year Old

Her: "Mom, I have a new boyfriend." Me: "Oh, what happened to your other boyfriend?" Her : "He stopped calling me his girlfriend." Me: "So, what does he call you now?" Her: "His friend." Me: "So because he stopped calling you his girlfriend, you got a new boyfriend." Her: "Yes, his name is Robert. But he wants to be called Robbie." Me: "How did Robbie become your new boyfriend? Did you ask him or did he ask you." Her: "Oh, he asked me "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"" {as she mimics his body movements} Me: "What did you say?" Her: {As she scrunches up her face} " I said sure, I guess so!" Her Daddy: "I don't like this Robbie guy." Her: "Mom, can I have two boyfriends at once?" Me: "No, you can not." Her : "Darn! That was a good plan!"

Sunday Night Football and Sweet Tea

I doubt there is a family in the Kansas City/Denver area that has not anxiously awaited our turn at Sunday football. The Kansas City Chiefs battle against the Denver Bronco's tonight. It is even more exciting because the Chiefs enter this battle undefeated this year. And the Bronco's have only had one loss. We will be watching the game at home. In our pajamas {or at least I will be}. I made a homemade lasagna for the family to enjoy. Along with some brownies. I also made my family my homemade sweet tea. I did not grow up on football. But I did grow up on sweet tea. I have to wonder how many gallons of sweet tea my mom each and every week of my childhood.  After leaving home I transitioned to drinking unsweetened tea {it always seemed more grown-up}. However, my children both have a "thing" for sweet tea. The one who drinks soda would prefer sweet tea over a soda any day. They younger one enjoys  sweet tea every now and then. Here is my sweet tea recipe.  If

Pre-Season Surgery

It is almost "Elf Season". Are you ready? I know I am. Our Elf, Isabella, had a little surgery today.  I followed this  Tutorial  and gave Isabella a few improvements. Give it a try, you still have a few weeks until "Elf Season" starts!

The Dollar Shaving Club

Have you heard of The Dollar Shave Club?   (this is not a paid post!) I hadn't. Until The Husband introduced it to me. To put it mildly my husband has a "thing" against razors . He is always complaining about how expensive they are.  Until he found The Dollar Shave Club.  Here is a little question and answer session I had with The Husband.  Me: Explain, dear Husband, what is your beef with shaving razors ? The Husband:   I've been using the same brand of razors for years. So long I can't even put a number on it. Replacement blades costs over $3 each and    I just can't seem to buy them anymore.  I guess I'm getting cheap in my advanced age. I'd use the same blades for weeks, until it was rusted and pulling the whiskers out of my chin. Oh, and I HATE disposable razors. They all suck. Me:  How did you hear about The Dollar Shaving Club ? The Husband:  I heard about the Dollar Shave Club though a friend at work. He's extremely

Monovision or Not

I got my very first pair of glasses when I was in the third grade. I got my first pair of contacts when I was a sophomore in high school. I am not one of those people blessed with distance vision. That means I have been wearing corrective eye-wear for three decades. What I did not know is that somewhere between the age of 40-45 years old everyone's eye sight changes. Apparently the dirty little secret out there is that my near vision will soon start to diminish. My eye doctor has been warning me about it for a few years. Thankfully, my near vision is holding in there. I have started to contemplate having LASIK surgery. I had a consultation last week. Since I am over the age of 40, the doctors know that my long distance vision has been stable for decades but my near vision is about to change. The Doctor explained the procedure and a process called Monovision. I have no reservations about the surgery itself. I wish I could say the same thing about the Monovision. The Monov

Responding to a Cancer Diagnosis

It has been three years and three months since I was diagnosed with Cancer. Since then I have lost two friends to Cancer and at least three of my friends have been diagnosed with Cancer. With every new diagnosis my heart hurts. Even though it has been three years and three months I remember my diagnosis day. I remember the month that lead up to my diagnosis day. A month where I was aware that something maybe wrong but not sure what it was. I want to erase the fear, the pain, the sleepless nights that my friends are experiencing. I know I can not. However, I can hold you close to my heart. Think of you throughout the day. Hold your hand. Listen to you. Validate you. Support you. Laugh with you. Love you. Each of us processes news differently. I provide the following to try and help those who are newly diagnosed. There are no magic words to erase the diagnosis.  None of us have the right words. Sometimes just a simple I am sorry is sufficient. I do not believe the Cancer

We Are Ready ...for the TOOTH FAIRY!

Some of The Short Chic's friends have started losing their baby teeth.  We have not. I have found myself having conversations with a five year old that I did not think I would have until she was a teenager.  I promise it happens to everyone. I don't know when it will happen but I promise one day it will. Everyone's body is different.  No, sweetheart, you have not been forgotten. I keep reminding her that she was three weeks shy of her first birthday before she even got her first baby tooth. I think it will be a while before she loses them. It does not comfort her. In fact, none of my words have comforted her.  I never expected anyone to get a broken heart over her teeth falling out. Well, technically, not falling out. In an attempt to distract her, I set about making a Tooth Fairy door. I found this idea on a blog link up, it was from  Nest of Posies  and I have had it pinned for a super long time. I loved it. I was just waiting for the