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The Greatest Show on Earth

This post is silly. I need a little humor in my life. It will help balance all the serious stuff that is happening. {Last night was the Mother's Tea. Five days until Baccalaureate. Six days until Honors Night. Ten days till the last day of school for Seniors. Thirteen days until graduation.} A few weeks ago we had a Sunday lunch at Red Robin. The Short Chic is at the age where she loves the child friendly place-mats that have the kids menu printed on them at restaurants. She has become a great Waldo finder, plays a mean game of tick tack toe and has even sharpened her coloring skills. Back to Red Robin. Their place-mat has a funny Find Your Circus Name that brought us all lots of chuckles. Since all of our last names where the same, we changed it to first name and middle name. My circus name is: The Magnificent Sword Swallower !                                   The Short Chic is: The Benevolent Human Cannonball                                             The Husba

Price Matching Nightmare

Okay, so I might be under a little bit of stress these days. Both of my kids are involved in spring sports. The Short Chic is winding down year long sports. In addition to prom  festivities and graduation preparations.  I would say that yes, I am a bit stressed. I will also admit to not feeling the best. In a rush to finish projects I grabbed the curling iron heating element and not the handle. I seriously seared the palm of my hand and spent the entire day in major pain.  But my price matching nightmare I do not believe is attributed to my not feeling well or my stress level. Although it did not do much to aid with either one! As I popped into my local Wal Mart store to pick up some needed photos for one of  my graduation projects,  I decided to pick up some groceries for our After Prom Breakfast. I can tell you that when I enter Wal Mart on a Saturday, or any day between Thanksgiving and New Year's,  I usually put on my extra patience outfit. I can always expect that the li

A Much Needed Reprieve

The weekend is winding down. There are only a few more hours left in this day meaning a new week will start momentarily. Time is running out. We are only two weekends away from The Boy's high school graduation. Graduation preparations have taken over our lives. My living room has become one giant party planning craft room. I have project after project in multiple stages of completion. My technology skills have been put to the test as I try to create a graduation video. I find myself exhausted but sleepless as I run through to-do list and budgets nonstop in my head! With all of that said, the past two weekends have brought a small reprieve. They have been prom weekends.  I found myself immersed in tuxedo's, gowns, flowers, photographs, and dancing if only for a few moments! One last high school tradition before graduation. This years prom festivities were so different from last. Last year he attended two proms. One he went with a group of friends and the other a blind dat

Senior Skip Day

Senior Skip Day. A tradition I am familiar with. One that has not gone by wayside and, as I found out this week, is still being celebrated by seniors across the county. The Boy had his Senior Skip Day this week. I remember my Senior Skip Day. Let's just say there was alcohol, sex, and drugs involved. (Not that this blogger was involved in those activities but they were present.) So, to say that The Boy's Senior Skip Day caused me a lot of anxiety is not an understatement! The Seniors planned their skip day to coincide with home opener of baseball here in Kansas City. In case you outsiders forgot our Kansas City Royals are the 2014 American League Champions and this city loves their boys in blue! For those that could not get tickets to the home opener, tailgating in the parking lot was a better option than watching the game from home or a local drinking establishment. Part of me was excited at the location for Senior Skip Day. I do not condone teen drinking and I spe

Happy Easter!

From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy Easter!

The Boy's Final Food Day

This post is about The Boy. And Buffalo Chicken Dip. But mostly about The Boy and his love for Buffalo Chicken Dip. Throughout high school, The Boy has occasionally had a "food day" at school. I can't even remember when the first food day was held. 8th grade? Freshman year? Sophomore, maybe.  What I do recall is that The Boy told me about food day around 9:00 p.m. the night before.  In a sheer panic to come up with something that would give me cool mom points, I scoured the kitchen pantry to find something he would like.  I happened to have a few chicken breast cooked (we prep them and they make a quick lunch), we always Ranch Dressing, shredded cheese, and even cream cheese on hand. By accident we had a bottle of winger sauce in the fridge. So, we made Buffalo Chicken Dip. Not only did I get cool points, The Boy must have gotten them as well. He came home and report his dip was a hit! He has continued to ask for it every time there is a food day. Unfortunately,