Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not a Great Day

I am back on ten straight days of Neupogen. I have to go to back to North Kansas City Hospital on the weekends for the shot. Wayne, Olivia and I went to breakfast after the shot hopeful to start a great Saturday off. I love fall and all the fall festivals around town. Today was the Gladstone Gladfest and I had hoped to attend it with my daughter and her Nana. However, I barely made it home before I started getting ill. Some of the digestive health side effects of chemo are so sudden and sharp it can make your head swim. I was able to get a good nap in but when I woke up, the Tylenol had wore off and every joint in my body ached. And here is a new one, I had the chills. Massive chills that I could not recover from. My entire day has been spent in bed, sleeping, recovering, and praying.

I am not sure if all of this is chemo related, I know the pain in my joints is from the Neupogen. My throat is also swollen, so maybe I am coming down with a cold?? The other super crappy thing, every one of my thermometers is broken and can't give me a decent read on my temperature.

Today, I am most thankful for my mother-in-law. She called wanting to know what time we were going to go have fun. What she did was immediately changed her plans, problem solved with me and came and took the short chic so I would have one less thing to worry about.

Here is hoping Sunday is a better day. Of course the Weston Apple Festival is Sunday and I will be missing that one too.

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  1. Better days are ahead, Pam! I was at Joanne's Fabric yesterday and they played 'It's My Life' - stood there to think about you for a minute. You are on the downhill side now - hang in there!
    deb t. (trying my hub's laptop - hope this works!)