Thursday, August 12, 2010

Instant Gratification

So this week I am waiting.  Waiting for my first appointment with the oncologist. As I am waiting, I keep thinking about how angry I am that I am waiting.

It amazes me how we crave or even demand instant gratification. Look at us as a society. We are overweight. We are in debt.  Aren't these things about instant gratification?

I have thought about Grandparents.  They did not have credit cards. They had savings accounts. They never would have thought of buying something they could not afford. They saved and paid for things outright. Remember back when new home owners had to save money to buy a home? Now, we give home loans to people with poor credit history and who have no money to put down. Why?  Instant gratification.

I have thought about my Great Grandparents. They were simple people. Worked hard. But no matter how hard they worked, they came home and fixed themselves dinner. They did not rely upon convience or fast foods.  But own son would rather I pick him something up from a drive-thru lane instead of fixing himself to eat before we leave the house. Why? He, as many of us are, is so concerned with getting to where he wants to go, he can't take the few extra minutes to slow down and wait.

Have we become this busy? I believe I am busy; but no busier than the generations before me.  I think I have just become accustom to doing things a certain way. The boy and I got into a disagreement last night. He wanted to squeeze in a trip to Sports Authority. I suggested waiting to the weekend and he immediately became angry with me. I might as well have asked him to move to the moon!

So the point to my post. My D-day was last Friday. As my doctor was referring me onto an oncologist I was thinking, let's go straight there. I actually thought I could call the doct and get an immediate appointment.  Instead I had to wait 3 1/2 business days (5 1/2 real days) and I am angry for waiting. I know ever day is important when you have cancer. But when I break this down, it does not seem like a long wait at all. It seems more like I have come to expect instant gratification and the real lesson we have missed is learning how to wait.

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