Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hanging Tough!

Today being the middle of the week, I thought I would let you all know that I am doing okay. This week of non-chemo treatment has been a blessing. Since Sunday, I have gathered strength and a sense of normalcy! I have worked, made dinner, cleaned house, played with my kids, and even have done some future planning.

Just as the doctor predicted, the first round of Chemo started shrinking the Cancer. My neck is dramatically different than it was a week ago!

The catheter is still an issue. Everyone at the doctor's office pretty much agreed that the rash on my site is from adhesive tape. They are keeping my site covered with paper tape and gauze.  Today they removed the guide that was attached to the catheter and cleaned it all up. The site is very painful today and is still very itchy. I  was up a lot last night itching the darned site until I remembered you can put ice can help skin irritations.

The weekend is near. It is the first time since my husband and I started dating that we won't be at the Labor Day Rally in Lake Perry Kansas. I am a little sad. I will miss the fun times with our friends and all crazy sites. BUT, because we are taking care of this problem now, we will be able to enjoy many other Perry Rally's.  Joe, Shirley, Marnie, Mike, Gary, and Davey Crockett; drink a beer (or two) for Wayne and I.

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