Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Daily Dose of Stupidity and My One Month Check-Up

My morning began at 5:30 a.m. when my sons school called to say that school was IN session today. Seriously!  I was so annoyed I could not fall back to sleep. So, I got up and headed to the computer to catch up on some blogging. Yesterday a blogger I met through the cyber world recommended me to one of her friend's blogs. Her friend is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. So, I was anxious to get to reading. Before I left my bedroom, I thought I had turned my alarm off. Well I did not. So after about 55 minutes of blissful, uninterrupted blog reading, I hear my alarm going off upstairs.

Now my wonderful husband would sleep through a tornado, so I knew there was no way he would get my alarm turned off. I jumped up from my comfy chair to rush upstairs before the blasted alarm woke the entire house. I failed to account for the fact that I had been sitting on my right leg and cutting off the blood circulation. So, when I hopped up and put weight on that foot, I immediately rolled the foot and came crashing down. Then as if that was not bad enough, I attempt THREE more times to get up and bear weight on this useless foot. Each time, I nearly fell over again.

Needless to say, Wayne had to turn the alarm off as I laid on the floor waiting for feeling to return to my foot. I have hobbled around all day on the foot. It still hurts.

It has actually been just over one month since I finished radiation. Today was my first check-up since then. I am happy to say things look good. The Doctor found no scar tissue in my neck. My saliva glands are working better than I could have hoped for, and Dr. Cozad believes they will continue to heal over the next few months. My skin looks great, no longer red and burnt! In the end, I might have some possible hair loss at the right hand side of my head at the base of my neck. As my hair grows back, this really won't be a big deal because the rest of my hair will cover it.

Today as I write this, I feel strong. I feel energetic. I feel healthy!

I do not need to follow up again with Dr. Cozad until February 8, 2012!  I have only a short month until my three month check-up with the Oncologist.

Beyond me: I still say prayers for Cancer patients and for a cure. Well, actually I pray mostly for early detection for all Cancers. I feel we are closer to that one than a cure. Today alone, I have heard of two people that I would like you all to keep in your thoughts.

My dear co-worker Kay's nephew is struggling with esophagus cancer. Kay's family has really taken a hit recently and some good news on the Cancer front would be a great blessing.

Another friend from work, Ashley, told me today of his father's struggle with prostate cancer. This is his fourth re-occurrence of it. If you have been reading my blog, you know that re-occurrence is my worse nightmare. I can not imagine what four times would do to one's outlook. This last round, he had nuclear medicine and it does appear to be working so far. Let's all be hopeful.

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