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Sight Word Flash Cards:Learning to Read

When The Boy was little, I had never heard of sight words.  Imagine my surprise when I learned during our very first parent/teacher conference that he was "behind" because he did not know his sight words. Mommy failure.  {In Kindergarten!} Having a second child means learning from past mistakes and getting a do-over card. The Short Chic is now 4. Kindergarten is within our sights. And I am determined to get her ready for it. What are sight words?  They are words frequently used in our daily reading. It is said they make up nearly 75% of the words children will encounter. Why are sight words so important?  Well,  because the English language is complicated. Some times sounding out words is tricky. And often words do not sound as they are spelled. By learning site words a new reader can have success and can spend their effort on those words that need to be sounded out. So, my latest project was to make her sight word flash cards. I started off by taking her with m

Mommy/Daughter Time

My girl loves Disney. She really loves the Princesses!  Jasmine is her favorite. When her Daddy and I saw an advertisement for Disney on Ice last week,  I knew I was going to try and get her tickets to the show. We scored great seats (Thank you Craigslist!). Then we made plans with our BFF's and we headed out! In the rain, no less. The show included Alice in Wonderland. This was one of the coolest parts. The numbers line up numerically. Peter Pan came flying in and so did Tinkerbell. She even sprinkled pixy dust all over, it helped us fly home at the end of the night! The Loin King came on after intermission. (I kinda felt like the first half drug by and then they rushed the second half.)  Snow White was there! And the Seven Dwarfs. The Short Chic loved it when Sneezy blew down all the other Dwarfs. Oh and Thank Goodness Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were there! ( I think she got a hair cut.) I loved the floating lanterns. And then Miss Olivia's favorite

The Lorax Pancakes

If your family has a preschooler in it, you are probably like us: fascinated by the movie, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax! As a family we went to see the movie for The Short Chic's birthday. She loved it! The Boy loved it! We all loved it!  Here is the family, waiting to watch the movie. It was our first 3-D movie experience! So, on this sunny early spring like day, The Short Chic and I decided to have pancakes for breakfast! Here is what happened next, The Short Chic stood upon her stump {a little blue kitchen step stool} and proclaimed, "I am The Short Chic,  I speak for the pancakes! There is excitement to seek So, find a technique   and make us unique! " Okay, maybe that is not exactly how it went, but pretty close! I grabbed my ample supply of  sprinkles and selected those reminded me of The Lorax. All the while, The Short Chic is saying, "I am the Short Chic,  I speak for the sprinkles.  We are bright and cheerful    Sure to b

Felt Cupcake Toppers

So, I am not sure what happened. I opened my blog from my ipad and the next thing I know, my entire post was deleted!! Total devastation! So, I am going to recreate my post. Which I know will not be as good as the first. Last week  I was traveling and away from my family.  I don't mind being away a night but four nights is a lot! I needed something to keep me busy. My best friend still had not had her baby so I thought I should start preparing for her upcoming Sip and See. I know, you are asking "A what and who?" A Sip and See. It is a type of shower that happens after the baby is born. My BFF is very non-traditional and this type of shower seemed appropriate. We are going to have people over, have a SIP of something fruity  and SEE the baby! Since the baby is being born at the birth of spring, our theme is spring. It also offers us some non-traditional colors for a shower. Bright Colors. Green. Blue. Yellow. Red.   In addition to bright colors, one symbol

Lantern Lift-Off

The wind has stopped blowing.  It feels like spring outside. I made it home from my week away. After dinner, we took a walk and headed to the pond, where we lit and lifted two of the lanterns we were not able to lift during Princess Short Chic's birthday party. The Boy video taped it to share with all the little girls who were not here.  Enjoy! It brought a smile to our faces!  Here is The Husband holding the lantern until it heats up. We got lucky, both the lanterns had small tears but they still were able to light, get warm and lift. And it is on it's way! I would also like to add for my friend Darren, no houses caught on fire. 

A Feature at {Junk in their Trunk}

I am away from my family this week.  I don't mind being away for a day...or two but this trip is five days long. I hate that. You can imagine my mood, so I was so surprised when yesterday I got some great news.  {Junk in Their Trunk} emailed me and told me they were featuring....ME!!! How totally cool is that! I Linked up my post about the Welcome to the World gift for my BFF's a future baby {who by the way is now three days overdue!}.  So, please, check out  {Junk in their Trunk}

A Princess Party

Our Short Chic turned 4 years old today. She asked me for a Princess Party last year, after I had a Fairy Tea Party   completely planned. So, I promised her a Princess Party this year. As I said in a previous post,  The Invitation , I did not want a Disney Princess party. I love Disney, but I wanted this party to be different, or as different as a Princess party could be. I also decided to not make everything pink (a very common color associated with Princess parties) I started decorating a few weeks ago. I even decided to make homemade crowns for each of the little girls coming to the party. I would love to give you a tutorial but I can not because it violates the purchase agreement I made when I bought the instructions from "You Can Make This".  However, for $8.00 you can buy the instructions from  Queen of the Party . The party had seven stages. Stage 1: Princess I Spy Bottles.  I saw these on Pinterest and fell in love with them. I collected