Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chemotherapy Round 1: Day 1

It is 3:30 a.m. and I am obviously awake. Besides the fact that is hard to sleep with this pump attached to my chest, I believe my being awake is a side effect of the steriods they gave me earlier today.

I guess as far as side effects I could be having this one is not painful or ugly. Some would even appreciate the alone time. I have almost finished another book. I have spent some time catching up on my DVR. But as I am awake, all I can think about is I have to work tomorrow. I have a training that I need to be at by 8:15 and I am awake and have only slept for 3 hours.

Can this be done? Can someone have cancer, do chemo, and work? I really thought so. I really hope so. But as I sit here at 4 in the morning, things do not seem so possible. I am sure this sleepless night is nothing compared to the side effects that are coming my way. I am so not use to not doing everything I want. It is not easy for me to admit to limitations.

Don't worry yet my friends. I am sure this post is just result of being awake all night and stressing myself out of the fact that I have to be functionable tomorrow.


  1. yes, it can be done and, you CAN do it :)

  2. I agree with Shannon, but girlfriend, give yourself a break!! Your mind and body are working OVERTIME!!! Perhaps you could take this week off work to see what your body's response is and be better prepared for the next go.
    Hope the day got better as the sun came up! Sending hugs! Love ya!

  3. Thinking of you everyday! (and night!) ~love, Melissa L