Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Scariest Moment!

Wayne and I met with Dr. Cozad today, who is my Radiologist. I start radiation on Monday, December 6, 2010. I got a little bit of bad news today, I was expecting to only do between 12-15 sessions but I found out I will have to do approximately 20. The side effects of radiation: I will have a sore throat. Mild to moderate sun burn on my chest. Food will taste badly again. Fatigue.

I then made my mask. I can hardly describe this experience.  Many of you might remember plastic canvas that was popular in the 80's as a arts and craft. The mask material was very similar to plastic canvas. It was a solid material that had tiny squares all over it. You could see/breathe through it. The edges where covered with trim and the trim had black knobs on it.

The nurse had me lay flat on a table and then she submerged this plastic canvas material in hot water. Once it was wet the canvas-like material was pliable. She immediately put it over my face, neck and chest and locked it down to the table with those black knobs. I could not even move my eyelids. As the plastic canvas-type thing cooled, it got hard creating a mold of my face. Wayne took lots of photos so I am posting them for you.

Photo 1: the before mask.
Photo 2: it has been locked down. You can literally see how tight that thing is across my face. (by the way: it left indents in my skin for hours after. On my forehead, nose, eyelids, and chin!!)
Photo 3: The after product.

The benefit of the mask; I do not have to have Cancer Markers (aka tattoo's). They will put me in the mask every time I go in and it will assure perfect positioning of my neck and make sure they are radiating the same spot each day.

Another important note: I have come down with a fever this evening. The last time I checked I was at 101.6. I called the oncall oncologist and he prescribed Levaquin for 7 days. I am 3 weeks out of chemo and still can not afford to get sick.

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