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A Fallen Warrior

 The summer I was 17 years old my Grandma took me to California to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins. They live in Oxnard, California  which is where my Uncle met my Aunt when he was stationed there during his Navy days.My Aunt's extended family lives in that area. During my first visit to their home, I got to meet them. This is my Uncle PeeWee. He has the heart of a giant. He is married to my Aunt's sister, Henrietta. Although his wife and I share no genetics, we have matching thumbs. If you ever meet me {or Henrietta} in person, you might note that we have unusually shaped thumbs. His daughters, Cyndi and April befriended me during my visits. We visited the beach together in Cyndi's new Volkswagon Cabriolet. We swam the night away in their backyard pool. It was during my very first visit to their pool that I ran smack into the screen door and totally knocked it out of its track! They were with me for my first ever trip to Disneyland. It was April, who sho

Bon Jovi Forever!

This past weekend I had a date with my teen crush.   Bon Jovi came to my hometown this weekend.  For twenty-six years I have been attending his concerts.  They started the concert off with a bang opening with What The Water Made Me. You Give Love a Bad Name and Raise Your Hands quickly followed.  The stage looked simple enough. Then the concert started. And out of no where comes these blocks from the floor and down from the ceiling. All different shapes. Light being projected onto them.  Turning this simple stage into something cool. If there is one song that speaks directly to me, it is It's My Life. When I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, parts of this song just repeated in my head.  I had cancer and I could not afford to say silent prayers, nor could I afford to lose faith. I needed to be heard. I needed to do it my way. It was my life. And now or never, I had to fight for it.  I am sure when the song was written it was never to be about

WW: Pavlova

It's my birthday. Don't judge, but I like to make my own dessert on my birthday. I pick something I have never had. Something I want to try. Something I will be proud to say...I made that. This year I made a Pavlova. In case you don't know it is a meringue topped with whipped cream and fresh berries. It originates in Australia...or New Zealand. They can't decide. They both claim it.  I'll let them argue while I eat it!  I can proudly say....I made this. It was actually pretty easy. This is turning out to be a not so wordless post! Oh well, it's my birthday. I am allowed to bend the rules. I am linking up to these Wordless Wednesday Post: Wordless Wednesday Posh On A Budget Mama to 4 Blessings Cookin For My Captain Blog She

1973 Argosy "The Twinkie"

A few years ago my brother called me. He told me that a cousin of mine had an old camper for sale. "One of those silver bullets" he said. My heart skipped a beat. I have a passion for vintage and I have long dreamed of owning a "silver bullet" aka Airstream camper. I called my cousin, he did have a camper he was interested in selling. As I soon learned it was just sitting on the back of his property being used as storage, we headed his way. He charged me $150.00 for the camper that turned out to be a 1973 Argosy '20. I remember driving home with the camper. We had borrowed a truck and we were pulling this old beat up camper, with a sprung door that did not even latch shut and I had the biggest smile on my face. Like I had a secret and could not wait to tell the whole world!                                                   We have owned the 1973 Argosy since 2006. We used it a lot the first summer we had it but we have not used it muc

Play Ball...Like a Girl!

We started a new adventure at our house. An all girls t-ball team.  The weather has not cooperated with us so we have only had 2 1/2 practices. There are a few things that stand out as different with girls T-Ball versus boys.                         The color pink.  There may not be crying in baseball but there can...and is..the color PINK.  Not just in our clothing choices. We have pink bats, pink gloves, pink sports bags. We have PINK! We also have sparkles. Who needs cleats when you can play baseball in Sketcher's Sparkle Toes tennis shoes. Why hasn't the major leagues thought of this?  And my favorite...we have hair bows. Boys may wear baseball hats but girls wear hair bows. Really cute large ones! In fact, we need larger helmets because they don't fit. Girls have more hair than boys. I think someone needs to re-invent the batting helmet to allow for hair bows. Maybe she can give her new teammates lessons in eating sunflower s

It Is ALL About The Smile

Yesterday we crossed a milestone. The Boy's braces came off. He had a crossbite. Which is believed to be caused by mouth breathing. He had surgery to fix that issue then got braces on his teeth. I was still doing chemo when he got braces.  So many things have changed in two years. He is a little more responsible than he was. When I ask to see his smile, he no longer gives me a silly funny face. {He still might show me chewed up, unswallowed food in his mouth.} Back then it was still okay to hug your mom. Now it is not. He also did not have a driver's license. Now he does. We use to be the same height. Now he towers over me. He wanted a mohawk back then. Now he has his ears pierced. Sorry, I just need time to slow down a little.

WW: My Life Has Changed

My life has been forever changed.  My son is now a licensed driver.                                 I have entered a whole new level of parenting. I am linking up to these other great Wordless Wednesday Blogs: Wordless Wednesday Carrie With Children Energizer Bunnies Mommy Reports Hardly A Housewife BlogShe