Friday, December 30, 2011

First Anniversary

One year ago today, I became a survivor.
One year ago today, I finished treatment for Cancer.
They told me when I finished chemotherapy that 3% of patients will have a failure of chemotherapy in the first year.
Every three months for the past year I have been poked.I have been left with massive bruises in the name of follow up testing. And the results?
I made it!
My body has been cancer-free for one year.

The doctor says that 75-80% of patients who have a second round of Cancer will do so within the first two years. So...I still must be seen once every three months for the next year. I will have CAT scans at six months and two years.

My doodle? Isn't it great!! The ever-talented Melisa made it for me to celebrate my one year. The lime green is the designated color of Lymphoma and the purple is the color given to survivors.  I am honestly hoping Melisa will do a few guest post for me in 2012 and you all can get to know her creative side (and maybe if she gets enough love, she will start her own blog!). Thank you Melisa!


  1. congrat's Pamela. Is that Mellisa Page? Cathy Roberts

  2. You are invincible! I plan to dance for your one year (after a couple glasses of wine) and will dance R-E-A-L hard for your second year!
    (-deb t.)

  3. Love you friend, so happy for u!!!!
    Loves megs

  4. Thank you Megs and Deb T! It is a happy feeling! Cathy, no it is not Melissa P, although I am sure Melissa P is creative too!

    Happy New Year Friends!

  5. So excited for you friend. God has blessed you and you are here for a reason. You are Cancer free and will be, yay!!

    p.s. I'm not creative like that but can make a mean stick person!