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A Day of Accomplishments

It was an exciting morning in our household.  During a rather uneventful breakfast The Short Chic announces quite proudly that she "did it!" The Husband and I might have expected to see a mess when we turned around. However, instead we were so excited to see she had tied her shoe by herself for the first time...EVER!  I was even more excited because she credited me with showing her how! I love it when little kids finally figure it all out. The sense of accomplishment is huge. She did not just do it once, she tied both shoe laces and then gave herself double knots.  How can that not melt your heart? And if it could not get any better, tonight The Short Chic got herself ready for dance.  She wanted her hair to look pretty so she did it herself. At the age of 5,she put her own hair up in a bun.  Did I say she did it all by herself?

Campfire Breakfast Burritos

Our Second Annual Family Camp-out is next weekend. I absolutely love fall camping! The weather is perfect: warm sunny days followed by a cool crisp evening. Perfect for a campfire. With a campfire comes food cooked on a campfire! My secret to successful camping starts with good prep work. The week before I go camping I am planning meals and activities. This year we are having some of our camping favorites: Walking Taco's, Hot Dogs, Breakfast Burrito's, and some dutch oven cooking. Today I pre-made the  Breakfast Burrito's. I love to make these up ahead of time and freeze them. They will serve as a cold source for my cooler and they thaw slowely. When it is time to cook them, I just place them on the campfire and they heat up. I am sure there are many different ways to make Breakfast Burrito's but this is my preferred method. Step One: Ingredients What would you like in your burrito's? I usually put some type of meat in my burrito's. Bacon, Sausage

Labor Day:Belgian Waffles

Happy Labor Day to you! We are enjoying a nice, laid back Labor Day at my household. The kids have no school and The Husband and I are both enjoying a holiday from our work.We were originally planning to go camping this weekend but when the heat spiked and temperatures soared close to 100 degree's we opted to stay home instead. My Belgian Waffle story actually starts some five years ago when we first moved into our home. We have hard wood floors on one level of our house and I purchased a large red area rug for our family room. As soon as we got it home we noticed the rug shed. Badly! It has continued to shed to the point that there are bare spots in the rug. As I was cleaning the house Saturday, I noticed how horrible it looked. We decided to make a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look for a new one. We did find one that we all liked {well, except The Short Chic, she wanted a pink rug only}. Nebraska Furniture Mart was running a sale with free financing for 30 months but